Nick and Pia 'Love to Smell' our Les Infusions de Prada

If you Love to Smell, then you’ll surely know its witty and engaging presenters Pia and Nick.
Nick Gilbert [formerly Ambassador for Penhaligon’s and now freelance consultant] and Pia Long [perfumer, fragrance marketer and freelance writer with monthly column in Perfume & Flavorist magazine] started Love to Smell – their YouTube run down of all things fragrant – to have a bit of fun with fragrance and share with the world all their favourite things to smell.
Having previously reviewed our welcome discovery box you can now see them on camera exploring our Les Infusions de Prada box, running through all the scents – which are offered in beautiful miniatures – in an eloquent and accessible way. We think listening to them talk so animatedly is almost as good as smelling the real thing.

On screen Nick and Pia talk a bit about what they love about The Perfume Society:  ‘The great thing about The Perfume Society is that you get these little postcards to go with each fragrance – on the back you have an introduction and then a series of questions to help you think about the fragrance. Basically encouraging you to think about fragrance in a slightly more expanded way than just looking at the list of notes.’
They’ve got 11 episodes for you to catch up on, from Miller Harris niche scents to Foam Burst bubble bath, you can be sure there’ll be no scent snobbery here.
Follow them on their Love to Smell  channel.
And find our Les Infusions de Prada Discovery Box right here