Miller Harris get Lost with Violet Ida – try sample sizes here!

Miller Harris are one of our most-beloved British niche fragrance houses, and they continue to breathe colour and life into the classic perfumer’s art – complex fragrances ‘designed to tell vivid urban stories.’

They start with nature, with distinct greens and woods, with carefully sourced floral notes, iris from Florence, French violet leaf, jasmine from Egypt, Tunisian orange flower – but frame these precious botanicals in complex and unconventional ways, often inspired by artists, or more recently, urban foraging escapades and ever-cool, cult novels.


As Miller Harris puts it: ‘We honour nature by sourcing the finest raw materials and preserving the delicacy of our ingredients, then curate, combine and harmonise them to create perfumes that combine Parisian elegance with London’s eclectic street styles.’

We wanted to celebrate the fantastically diverse and always-exciting scents Miller Harris are producing, and so as part of our curated selection of Launches We Love Discovery Box, are thrilled to include samples of not one but TWO Miller Harris fragrances we think you’re going to love… Lost and Violet Ida.

Inspired by urban foraging, Miller Harris’s trio turned city greens into scents of dreams. Lost (in the city) is a celebration of that sharp pink ingredient, rhubarb, splashing fruity blackcurrants across a bed of wild rhubarb, rose and geranium. Earl Grey tea, crisp amber and musk settle in –but not before you’ve had your fill of bright fruits. It’s tart, fizzy and moreish – do prepare to have your inner child brought out by this one.

Lost (in the city) £95 for 50ml eau de parfum

Brighton Rock’s big-hearted Ida Arnold is the muse for this proper-handbag, lipstick-kissed, buxom embrace of a scent. Think glamorously disordered dressing tables and delightfully déshabillé dames up to no good (but with best of intentions) amidst a powdery orris, carrot oil and heliotrope affair. The amber-rich and vanilla-infused dry down is something to snuggle up to and savour for simply hours, and we predict this will be a huge hit…
Violet Ida £75 for 50ml eau de parfum

Both of these incredible fragrances were composed by brilliant perfumer Mathieu Nardin, and you can read our exclusive Working Nose interview with him, here.

Before deciding which (we predict BOTH) of the Miller Harris fragrances you’ll be indulging in a full-size flaçon of, and exploring their delights in your own time – why not try them out at home in sample-size, in our Launches We Love Discovery Box – along with thirteen other scents, two scented shower gels and a full-size Nails Inc. nail polish (our extra gift to you), that’s worth £15 on its own?

For only £19 for the whole lot (£15 for VIP Club members). You know it makes sense…

Written by Suzy Nightingale

Latest Launches

Fresh off the shelves and ready for sniffing, we present the fragrances we’ve been trying most recently. From empowering or coffee-infused to an elegant pastoral scene; invoking a notorious pair of jail-breaking lovers or inspired by beloved drag queens – the perfume world is certainly never boring, darling…

A juicy fizz of bergamot, pink pepper and red fruit accord veritably bursts from the bottle – which looks for all the world like a classy energy drink, suitably enough. Velvety rose powdered with orris and violet is further cushioned by a plumptious base of patchouli, sheer amber and creamy vanilla. A sweet-tinged Chypre that many a modern miss would surely love to wear, look out for the other Babe infusions similarly promoting self-confidence in fragrant form.
£28 for 80ml eau de parfum

Exploring that universal sigh of relief from enjoying a hot beverage, and incorporating the historic trade routes of the coffee trade itself, Xerjoff begin a new collection with the release of this fragrant evocation. Dallah is an overtly feminine offering, entwining sumptuous rose with a haze of incense, sprinkling hazelnut, cocoa and tonka for a deliciously sweet nibble, infused with Cambodian oudh and amber to enhance the toasted coffee beans. Ravishingly more-ish!
€235 for 50ml eau de parfum

It isn’t every day that news of a drag artist’s debut fragrance crosses our desks – but we’re here to share everything and anything that comes our way. Pop artist, drag perfumer and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Tatianna teamed up with LA fragrance house Xyrena to confect this aquatic signature scent, a fusion of sea salt and water lily, sharpened by lemon, key lime and tangerine, warmed by ozone, cedar and musk. Breezy, yes – but glam (naturally).
£47.40 for 50ml extrait de parfum

What an elegantly hazy scent this is, with high-pitched notes of petitgrain and lily of the-valley drifting into a cool breeze of Haitian vetiver. Pissara, Dusita’s founder and perfumer, blends Siamese nobility with fine French perfumery traditions, all inspired by beloved late father’s poems. So sweet hay steams in the early morning mist, then drifts of herbaceous clary sage embrace cedar, oakmoss and vanilla. It feels like wearing a whisper: quiet, but hopeful.
£168 for 50ml eau de parfum

Based on the true story of a once-notorious couple – basically the Bonnie & Clyde of Boston burglaries in the 1900s – founders Tanya and Matthew Zhuk immortalise their daring prison break. This darkly delicious gourmand evokes May Coyle hiding a saw in a cake, enabling her beau, Thomas Howard, to escape. Pink pepper juxtaposes red mandarin, icing sugar dusts a floral bouquet and star anise spikes natural cocoa in the base of this quirkily wonderful concoction.
£95 for 30ml eau de parfum
At Fenwick Bond Street

Latest Launches: from Juicy Couture to Jimmy Choo and more!

We’re spoiled for choice with these fabulous new launches. From Dolce & Gabbana The Only One to House of Herrera Platinum Leather, we have a scent to suit everyone. Have you written your wish list yet? Say ‘Oui, oui, oui!’ to Fever and more!
Dolce and Gabbana the Only One Perfume SocietyDOLCE & GABBANA
An innovative and addictive ‘mocha violet’ note sits at the heart of this so-pretty and seductive floral, blending coffee with soft, sweet iris. First, though, there’s the liveliness of bergamot – and after, a warm base of vanilla and patchouli. We say: do also check out Dolce&Gabbana’s adorable and joyous video – starring Emilia Clarke, by Italian filmmaker Matte Garrone – to mark The Only One’s launch. (And we defy you not to keep humming ‘Quando, quando’, afterwards.)
From £52 for 30ml eau de parfum

Carolina Herrera Platinum Leather The Perfume SocietyHOUSE OF HERRERA
Opening with a whipcrack of freshly crushed pink pepper and ultra-dry cypriol, there’s no messing about here – this scent means business. Buttery soft leather sashays forth slowly then utterly fills the heart. Given a steely backbone of jasmine, accenting the smoothness like a scented sash of slightly metallic sweetness, the dry-down trails a patchouli-laden vanilla/musk accord as your cloak of invincibility – the fragrance equivalent of a fits-like-a-glove garment you never want to take off.
£230 for 100ml eau de parfum

Jimmy Choo Fever The Perfume Society

Jimmy Choo shoes have collectors. And we suspect the fragrances do, too, eager for the next incarnation of the now-classic, tactile Murano glass-inspired flacon. This time it appears in deep burgundy/purple – daring you to strap on your highest heels and strut your stuff, in a Nathalie Lorson confection that walks a tightrope between gourmand and floralcy, contrasting black plum nectar, lychee, heliotrope, vanilla orchid, jasmine, roasted tonka, benzoin and sandalwood. Bottled glamour.
From £43 for 40ml eau de parfum
Oui Juicy Couture The Perfume SocietyJUICY COUTURE
Fun, irreverent and charming: three words we’ve always associated with Juicy Couture fragrances, and this one continues that playful tradition – decidedly fun in a bottle. Cheeky, juicy and a little tart, it blends waterlemon (a unique accord that fuses watermelon and lemon) with açai tea and pear. The heart is a floral bouquet of tuberose, jasmine and honeysuckle, while the base purrs with amber and musks. We say, ‘Oui, oui, oui!’
£43 for 30ml eau de parfum
Cuir Imperiale ormonde Jayne The Perfume SocietyORMONDE JAYNE
Give this to a man and we’d put money that you’ll be borrowing it – Cuir Impérial sits equally beautifully on the skin of both sexes. Taking its inspiration from the eternally entwined histories of leather and perfumery in Grasse, this intoxicating creation places leather centre stage, orbited by Cognac oil, clary sage, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, orris, rose, suede, freesia, tonka, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, vetiver, and incense. Complex? For sure. Sublime? Utterly.
£195 for 50ml eau de parfum

The Scented Letter Magazine

Well you’re here, so we’re going to take it as read that you enjoy reading about fragrance! But now imagine a glossy magazine filled to brimming with the very latest news, reviews, full-length features and exclusive one-on-one interviews with the best noses in the world.

Described as ‘a must-read’ by industry-insiders and fragrance-lovers alike, we are proud as punch of The Scented Letter Magazine, and it seems the feeling’s mutual…

With multiple Jasmine Awards (the fragrance industry’s ‘Oscars’, awarded by The Fragrance Foundation) and guest articles by fellow award-winning journalists, we take a theme for each issue and explore it in gorgeously unashamed detail.

Our ethos is that fragrance should be open to everyone, and so our readers range from people around the world who adore perfume, perfumers themselves, founders of fragrance houses and PRs hungry for news they just don’t get to read anywhere else.

Expert opinions, breaking news, fragrant reviews, stunning photographs and in-depth interviews – your glossily beautiful 60-page PRINT edition of The Scented Letter – The Perfume Society‘s acclaimed magazine will open the doors to the world of fragrance no matter what your experience.

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Our latest magazine is The Alphabet Issue, taking an A-Z look at everything from Aldehydes to Madame Zed (Lanvin’s mysterious perfumer, who nobody can trace). Take a sneak-peek here!


All issues of The Scented Letter can be purchased individually for £15 (£12.50 for VIP Club Members) or back-ordered if you fancy a catch-up. But don’t risk missing out, treat yourself or loved one to an Annual Print Subscription – an entire year of fragrant reading for £75 (including P&P), to be read, referred to and admired many times (so we’re told!)

Written by Suzy Nightingale


Your weekly round up of the latest launches

Our regular Monday round-up of newly-unveiled fragrances that are definitely worth sniffing out… Ensure your finger’s on the pulse-point of what’s happening right now – and better still, get thee to a fragrance counter to try them for yourself…

Jacques Cavallier – generally in residence at Louis Vuitton, nowadays – is the composer of this addition to the Bulgari’s bouquet of opulent flowers. To capture the ‘fresh and incandescent’ scent of magnolia, putting a very special extraction at the heart of a light floral Chypre – it takes five tons of Chinese magnolia buds to yield a single litre of the essence, rendered even more sensually velvety by coconut, ylang ylang, glacé lemon and Tahitian vanilla.
£97 for 100ml eau de parfum HERRERA

We may only be on the threshold of 2018 – but this showstopping flacon from Carolina Herrera is surely a hot contender for ‘Bottle of the Year’. For such a teetering stiletto, the juice itself is incredibly poised: Givaudan’s Louise Turner contrasts elements of light and dark, with roasted cocoa, coffee and tonka sashaying alongside a special Tuberose Crystal note that’s surprisingly sheer and green. (Even tuberose refuseniks we’ve wafted this at have loved it.)
From £50 for 30ml eau de parfum

Miller Harris actually worked with two perfumers, to come up with individual interpretations of the aforementioned passage from Tender is the Night. Here, Bertrand Duchaufour imagines black tulip – ink swirled through leather, saffron and geranium on a flickering, amber-ish base. But it’s held aloft by the fizz of a pink pepper CO2 extraction with aldehydes and the most incredible green hyacinth opening, shimmering to cyclamen, incense and a drily metallic base.
£120 for 50ml eau de parfum

As if MiuMiu’s faceted bottle could get any prettier –brilliantly conjuring up the soft matelassé quilting on the fashion name’s bags – here it is showcasing the dainty ballerina pink juice for the sparkling new eau de toilette, a whispering blend of lily of the valley and cassis buds, wrapped in beautiful, soft musk. It’s fresh, it’s pretty – and has us fantastising about the spring days and summer dresses which are surely just round the corner.
From £33 for 30ml eau de toilette
At Harrods


Dive on into Invictus – just the cool splash we need this time of year to invigorate and refresh our sluggish senses. Don’t think it’s all marine blue and calm waters, though, for there’s an unexpected heat like dazzling sunshine reflecting from the azure sea. Amber woods tingle beneath the waves, radiating a kind of sexy micro-climate with ambergris evoking salty skin for a dry-down that we defy you not to snuggle in to.
£66.50 for 100ml eau de toilette

Behind the Scent unboxes our Latest Launches…

Behind the Scent is a blog and YouTube channel run by Kirstie, a ‘perfume enthusiast, candle hoarder and makeup magpie’ from Leicestershire. As soon as we read the intro, in which she states: ‘I have an unhealthy addiction to biscuits, leopard print and black ankle boots. Oh, and if you’re going to the bar, mine’s a Gin & Tonic,’ we just knew we’d love her. So when Kirstie kindly filmed herself exploring the many fragrant delightes of our Latest Launches Discovery Box, we were thrilled to be included on her list of perfume launches for spring.
There’s something about watching people ‘unbox’ that leads us to an immediate adding to our ‘must buy’ lust lists, so we get even more exhilarated when lovely bloggers share their excietment over our Discovery Boxes with their audience. The sense of unpretentious sharing and encouraging others to make up their own minds is what we’re all about at The Perfume Society, so settle down with a cup of tea and watch along with us, now…

We think Kirstie does a great job of describing the notes of the fragrances – taken from the helpful postcards you’ll find in our boxes that explain a little of the history of that house, what you should expect to be smelling and some intriguing questions to challenge your emotional reaction to the scents themselves.
What we particularly enjoyed is that Kirstie had some immediate loves, but those she wasn’t so sure of she made a list to come back to later and smell properly on the skin. That’s the joy of trying fragrances in the comfort of your own home, don’t you think? You get to live with the scent and see how it develops on your skin rather than feeling forced in to making a snap decision!
Of the Latest Launches Kirstie tried, her ultimate favourites included Parfum de Marly’s Delina – a ‘tribute to luminous and sensual femininity’ and perfumer Quentin Bisch’s fragrant tribute to the historic concept of King Louis XVth’s ‘Perfumed Court. The delicately blended rhubarb, lychee and rose notes were a standout for her, with the sumptuous freshness perfectly balanced against a sprinkle of powdered elegance.
The second favourite of Kirstie’s fragrances in the box was Annick Goutal’s Tenue de Soirée – a wonderfully contemporary chypre for any age that’s inspired ‘…by the special feeling of a promise that precedes a night in Paris.’ With oodles of iris and an earthy, addictive base of patchouli, it’s gloriously and unashmedly meant to sashay through the night like a cashmere stole caressing your skin.

With nine new perfumes to coo over to your heart’s delight, including a super-generous 10ml of E.Coudray’s not-yet-available Rose Tubéreuse,  a stunning day and night duo from Miller Harris and two extra scented gifts for you to enjoy, which will YOUR favourite fragrances be, do you think? Only one way to find out, so get those senses tingling and unwrap your own Discovery Box right away…
Written by Suzy Nightingale