Fragrances For… celebrations!

Our Fragrances For series continues with a look at perfumes we think are perfect to celebrate with. We must admit the theme was inspired by our recent trio of Jasmine Award wins, but let’s take time to celebrate the every-day wins, too. Scents have soothes frazzled nerves, reminded us of happy holidays and people we love, and they can add much-needed razzle-dazzle to the dullest of days. Now, what do YOU deserve to celebrate with…?



212 VIP Wins Woman
Symrise perfumer Emilie Coppermann definitely evokes the vibrant green of the bottle in her verdant composition. Can a fragrance smell ‘shiny’, too? Somehow this does ­– the bracing chlorophyl of the top notes freshened further by a squeeze of mandarin’s juiciness. Luscious pomegranate marries perfectly with a fruity rose, while the fizzy delight of the heart mellows to a smooth base as it warms to a trail of musk and silky woods.
£89 for 80ml eau de parfum



So Scandal!
Unapologetically naughty: a scandalous interlude conducted on silky raspberry velvet, the milkiness of warm, bare skin caressed by softness and ‘a threesome of white flowers.’ Oh, my! Bright orange blossom, opulent jasmine and heady tuberose are dusted in powder, a feeling of feathers exploding from the tussle of a pillow-fight. Most of all this is fun, fun, FUN – and gosh, how we’ve needed frivolity, granted by perfumers Daphne Bugey and Fabrice Pellegrin.
£68.50 for 50ml eau de parfum



Angel Iced Star
Housed in what is possibly Mugler’s most stunning, kaleidoscopically colourful flacon yet, this latest twist offers up a cocktail of mouth-watering deliciousness from the get-go. Imagine celebrations by a pool (oh, HOW we imagine!), sipping a cool concoction of coconut water and juicy pineapple. The praline base feels suitably icy – a freshly-scooped gelato, perhaps, and not over-sweet – and we’re sure the many Angel collectors will be snapping this up, pronto!
£50 for 50ml eau de toilette


Lady Million Fabulous Intense
Perfume Anne Flipo goes deeper and darker with this iteration of the golden scented success story. Pink pepper-flecked mandarin and orange fizzes appealingly to the addictive note of tuberose. Jasmine is again described as ‘solar’, its luminescence draped in the liquid, languid glam of ylang ylang. Toasty tonka bean and vanilla are finally swathed in moss as the base swoons on warm skin. One for the roof-top parties and VIP areas.
£87.50 for 80ml eau de parfum



La Gemme Azaran
The polished-in-every way counterpoint to La Gemme Astrea, this celebratory creation is by none other than Jacques Cavallier – more usually to be found pursuing his craft elsewhere in the LVMH empire, nowadays, for Louis Vuitton. Taking fiery aventurine as his mineral muse, this eau de parfum showcases leather, precious saffron and red cedarwood, to create (in Cavallier’s own words) ‘a sophisticated and powerful fragrance leaving a luxurious woody signature in its trail.’
£268 for 100ml eau de parfum

Fragrances For… feeling stronger

Sometimes we all need the help of a fragrance to feel stronger – something that does more than simply smell lovely, but can lift our spirits and almost act like a pair of shoulder pads in scented form. These are fragrances that we feel go beyond comfort – evoking adventurous journeys, friendship and inner strength via hemp leaf, smouldering amber, silky smooths woods and bison grass…


Open Sky
‘While being stuck in one place, our memories have become particularly vivid,’ muses founder Ben Gorham. Capturing our collective desire to travel, the scent segues from the pepper-flecked freshness of pomelo to the mind-expanding hemp leaf and spiritual palo santo hushed by vetiver in the base. ‘Beyond the physicality of spaces,’ Gorham explains, this celebrates ‘that idea of movement – of journeys, being on your way somewhere…’ Plane tickets and a plan, bottled.
£178 for 100ml eau de parfum



A warm, ambered base grounds this wonderfully weird (and very wearable) concoction. CDG never do anything humdrum, so our eyes were immediately drawn to the beetroot note listed. Of course, we’re used to it combined with chocolate in cookery, and it blends just as well here with the Egyptian geranium to create an almost-rose. Pink pepper simmers through the layers to the smouldering incense and refined patchouli base. Clever and intriguing.
£120 for 100ml eau de parfum
Exclusive to



Momentum Unbreakable
Master Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin teams with up-and-coming talent Ane Ayo, to take the dual steering wheels of this scent. Dreamwood© is a key ingredient – the supremely smooth woody note being a 100% natural ingredient used in place of Mysore sandalwood (now a highly protected species), obtained through carbon-neutral biotechnology. Cool violet (another of our floral trend predictions) shimmers through verdant greenery to liquorice-y dried fruits and immortelle fluffed amber. Another instant classic.
£69.50 for 100ml eau de parfum


Sound of the Brave
Employing the talents of Fabrice Pellegrin – one of the world’s top perfumers – Sound of the Brave resonates with a unique heart of Bison grass accord. A reminder, says Pellegrin, of good times with friends. The sizzle of bold spices vibrate through vibrant lemon as a powerful base (or should that be ‘bassline’?) throbs with amber wood and musk. Electric blue juice inside the clenched-fist flacon and hip-hop legend Skepta as ambassador ensure it’s a hit.
£69 for 125ml eau de toilette



Invictus Victory

The latest incarnation of the heroically themed fragrances ‘seizes with its power and seduces with its freshness.’ Freshly squeezed lemons offer the juicy bite here while the woody notes of incense wrap tendrils of soft smoke around a purr of vanilla in the base. Spiced tonka bean is the delicious finale for this scent inspired by ‘subtly celebrating modern masculinity.’ Give this to someone you consider your personal hero – beats a golfing trophy, any day!
£56 for 50ml eau de parfum

Fragrances For… The Last of the Summer Sunshine

Last of the Summer Sunshine? Well the last few days the weather’s actually been more ‘summer’ like than it has been for several weeks! As the last days of summer slip into autumn’s more golden light, it can be hard to mark where one season ends and another begins – these fragrances are filled with a glorious luminousity that captures those gilded days and helps us cling to the sunshine a while longer…




Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia
Who hasn’t fantasised about running through a meadow of wildflowers, wind in our hair? That’s the vibe that Guerlain seek to evoke with this second of 2021’s Aqua Allegoria, composed to conjure up the ‘poetry’ of the scent of wild flora, lifted by a drift of clean musks. We know many a collector of these Guerlain creations, who’ll be thrilled to add this gilded bottle (with its lavender-tinted juice) to their summer scent wardrobe.
From £69 for 75ml eau de toilette



Canyon Escape For Her
Another trend we’re noticing in fragrances this year is a shimmering sunrise of desert-themed scents – the olfactory oasis here blooming with rose, orange blossom and dusty iris, freshened up top with juicy mandarin, blood orange and a ripple of cool cactus, smoothed beneath by cedarwood and a soft waft of musk. We imagine sun-blushed skin, floral crowns and the glamorous yet laid-back escapism of the Californian desert while sniffing this so-happy scent.
£16.50 for 100ml eau de parfum 


Narciso Eau Neroli Ambrée
Neroli is one of the most instantly sunshine-y, happy-making notes on the scentscape (we took an office poll last year, and it came out on top for evoking bright light and happy, holiday memories). The brilliant Aurélien Guichard packs pleasure into every spritz, here – a veritable whoosh of optimism, tempered with comfort, in this slinky, silky dream. Orange blossom and soft woods sigh contentedly to the so-iconic white musk trail.
£65 for 50ml eau de parfum


Eternity Men Summer
If you couldn’t get away this year, this really feels like a holiday in a bottle. Evoking the unique air temperature of a summer’s dawn, the airy exhilaration of bergamot oil sparkles like the first fingers of sunlight illuminating the sea, the glittering waves bringing coconut water and a smooth, creamy breeze of Australian sandalwood – and you’ll be glad to know this precious ingredient was sustainably sourced. Eternity always feels like a perfect summer’s day, bottled forever.
£60 for 100ml eau de toilette


A distinctly greener vibe for this much-loved niche house, bringing the feeling of a Cologne but with the benefit of far greater staying power in a concentrated eau de parfum. Bursting with citrus up top, the petitgrain grants an immediate freshness, a fruity interpretation of cashmere wood fused with crisp apple and the shady cool of violet. Amberwood ripple throughout, making this feel like a much-needed stroll through the woodlands when you need to escape.
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum


Fragrances for… comfort & protection

Sometimes we all need some extra comfort, the protection of a reassuring hug. So, if you’ve been feeling particularly anxious, over-worked or just more than usually stressed (and frankly, who can blame you?!) we suggest reaching for one of these recently released scents to help soothe your cares away in fragrant form…


Initio fragrances ‘initiate perfume as an object of power’ – a concept we very much connect with. We could all do with some therapy after the past year, and the feather-soft white musk here fluffs around the edges of magnolia (we told you last year this flower would be blooming!) Blackcurrant provides a piquant edge, immediately smoothed and soothed by the assuring purity of sandalwood. Spray whenever you need a ‘me-moment’ of escape.
£205 for 90ml eau de parfum

Almost 30 years on from the launch of the iconic l’Eau d’Issey, it’s still blazing a trail. This exquisite droplet-design bottle is created from recycled glass, the outer box with 70% recycled paper, many ingredients are sourced via ethical and sustainable partnerships – and oh, did we mention that Ane Ayo’s creation smells sublime? A gauzy, feminine veil pairing lilac and orange blossom, star anise and jasmine, resting on creamy musks, biovanillin and Ambrox.
£56 for 50ml eau de parfum


Aman’s sculpturally-bottled scents are inspired by their peerless, understated luxury destinations around the world – in this case, Aman Tokyo. ‘Haru’ translates as ‘spring’; Tokyo is renowned for its cherry blossom festival, thus perfumer Jacques Chabert (who has applied his talents across all the Aman scents) layers the floatiest petalled floral notes with apricot and green tea, fluttering towards a dry-down that whispers with tobacco and maté tea, delivering a sense of calming harmony.
£220 for 50ml eau de parfum 

BVLGARI Splendida Patchouli Tentation
We happen to be fully signed-up members of the filthy patchouli fan club at TPS, marvelling that many are still put off by the ‘hippy headshop’ legacy. Fear not, naysayers, this contains a patchouli accord exclusively designed for the house – but it’s a gauzy shimmer of orris-dusted white peach on a sumptuously soft caress of white musk. Enough to convert anyone, we feel, and fresh enough for the most humid of days.
£78 for 50ml eau de parfum


PARLE MOI DE PARFUM Haute Provence / 89
Endless vistas of Provençal lavender fields and their ‘glorious explosion of purple, mauve, lilac and blue’ were the inspiration behind this wonderfully soothing, aromatic ‘memory of France in high summer.’ Until we can wander those fields first-hand, this cool, dry and immediately nostalgic scent spirits us there with every spritz. Refreshing watermelon and hypnotic narcissus only add to the bucolic charms, and once again we praise the nose of Michel Almairac. Mais oui!
£98 for 50ml eau de parfum

 By Suzy Nightingale


Latest Launches: Scent memories revived!

This week’s Latest Launches beckon you outside to revisit happy memories past and present. Bath House Climbing Trees sets the tone alongside Malin + Goetz Strawberry and Bel Rebel Bubble Gum. Who can resist the tall flowers of Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo EDT, looking as if it’s already in a vase for you? Round off a day of blue skies with Marc Jacobs Daisy Spring Limited Edition and its irresistible bottle.BATH_HOUSE_CLIMBING_TREES
A collaboration with British perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek, the name alone conjures wonderful images, while the scent doesn’t disappoint. Memories of carefree childhood summers and fields of sun-scorched grass are evoked through vetiver, cedar and amber representing the woodland floor. Clambering effortlessly through canopies of aromatic green leaves, sweet bergamot and radiant jasmine sparkle like dappled sunshine, while lemon and rosemary feel like crisp countryside air. Basically, the scent of freedom, bottled!
£72 for 60ml eau de parfum
One sniff and you’re immediately propelled back to the days of flipping through teenage magazines, dancing madly at the disco and illicit snogs around the back of the bike sheds, while covering your beau in fruit flavoured lip gloss. The photo-realistic bubble gum scent bubble pops to reveal a cool, chic wave of Cashmeran on a base of sheer patchouli and vanilla, the sudden sophistication juxtaposed with the giggle-inducing joyousness of the opening.
£139 for 69ml perfume
The archetypal fantasy floral feels shot through with sunshine – each spritz feels as though we’re not so much walking through the poppy fields but flying above them. The wind gleefully ripples our hair as scarlet petals scatter beneath us, a whisper of white musk dotted with sparkles of lemon, fluffy clouds of organic vanilla sprinkled with Bulgarian rose water. If the original’s too powdery for you now, try this flight of fancy.
£41 for 30ml eau de toilette

Forget strawberry jam and berry shortcake: this is strawberry ‘reimagined’ by the artistic team at Malin + Goetz. They ‘deconstructed’ and reinterpret the garden strawberry, invoking its luscious freshness via bright shafts of pink pepper and bergamot, given a floral flourish by orris root, jasmine petals and warm musks. ‘A dynamic scent that challenges the conceptions around the strawberry,’ they promise. What the fruit has in common with this, however, is a decided moreishness.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
The boundless airy optimism of Daisy gets three limited edition seasonal twists, our favourite being the barely yet unfurled new-shoots green of Daisy Love. Perfumer Alberto Morillas drizzles freshly picked, still sun-warmed figs with the powdery blossoms of blowsy pink peonies, lapped by cool fig milk in the base. It’s a gourmand-esque comfort to those of us not nearly ready to ditch the tights but welcoming every lighter day with a whoop.
£60 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: Blue and Green Should Always Be Seen

It used to be said that blue and green should never be seen, but that myth is well and truly busted with the opulent lazuli blues and verdant greens of this week’s latest launches. Let Eris cast its Green Spell over you whilst Carolina Herrera Saffron Lazuli evokes luxury and glamour. Lalique and Tauer round off this dazzling selection, leaving us in their thrall.
Showcased in the most stunning flacon inspired by lapis lazuli – a stone which is ‘a timeless emblem of success, sophistication and luxury’ – those are all words which could equally apply to this gem of a juice, itself. Showcasing saffron and blackcurrant, rose and orris on an exquisitely structured foundation of guaiac wood, vanilla and leather, Saffron Lazuli has us longing to cast off our PJs and zip ourselves into a proper frock, at last.
£235 for 100ml eau de parfum
Perfumer Antoine Lie worked for two years on ERIS’s sixth fragrance, launched via Indiegogo (the online crowd-sourcing platform). Living up to its green promise, vibrant Italian mandarin is squeezed over super succulent French blackcurrant absolute with Iranian galbanum and Egyptian violet leaf absolute evoking that florist’s shop sense of snapped stalks and sap-drenched blooms. Dusky French narcissus and fig leaf drape the shadowy base, and tomato leaf accord shines with photorealistic phosphorescence.
£150 for 50ml eau de parfum
As part of their series celebrating the mastery of synthetic notes (the backbone of modern fragrance since the 1800s), Lalique are ‘inspired by the alchemy of perfumery, jewellery and crystal-making’, with perfumer Clément Marx creating a cool burn (because ‘blue can be the hottest colour) of cinnamon and ginger juxtaposed against the creamy rosiness of Javanol, papyrus and patchouli, with soft woods in the base and an overall air of quiet confidence.
£190 for 100ml eau de parfum
Verdant greenery rendered luxurious in Lalique’s inimitable style, here’s another of their so-clever, annual collections celebrating the mastery of modern, manmade perfumery notes. Perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Julien Plos ‘explore orange blossom from every angle’, co-distilled with a secret molecule to amplify its fresh facets. Meanwhile, Ambrox adds the warmth of skin, sun-dried hay and long shadows in flower meadows, anchored by rooty vetiver essence and pared-back Patchouli Heart.
£190 for 100ml eau de parfum
Daydreaming of stretching on a Mediterranean sun-lounger? Yes, us too. Happily, maverick perfumer Andy Tauer is going to take us there via his latest fragrance. Phtaloblue is a brisk walk beside the sea that mellows into an elegant aquatic citrus that has none of the brashness and over-developed muscles we might associate with the 90s iterations of this much-maligned genre. Think photo-realistic blue skies, bright white linen suits and a salty, herbaceous breeze.
£105 for 50ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Simply sensational

Bright, fresh and modern: that’s how we’ll be seeing in February with these sensational latest launches. We’re diving into Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume Superdose, exploring Atelier Versace Cédrat de Diamante  and feeling thrillingly energised by Ralph Lauren Red Rush. We think you’ll love this fab five as much as we do!
The ‘Atelier Versace’ is described as ‘an experimental laboratory’, where the concept of creativity is free to reign, with six ultra-luxe scents unrestrained by budget. Here we are carried to the Mediterranean on luscious waves of long-lasting pink grapefruit and Italian lemon with every spritz. The bright sunshine notes are fanned by a verdant heart of vetiver, grounded by the most elegant cedarwood base, and beckon us to breathe deeply, dappled in bliss.£320 for 100ml eau de parfum

Continuing the journey through New York’s evocative and varying landscapes, this time we celebrate one of the historic neighbourhoods, shot through with a youthful vibrancy by Michel Almairac. So succulent lychee and apricot sashay up to an elegant, romantically velvet-like rose while an addictive base of vanilla and musk – usually a cosy combo – here feels filled with an electric vigour. One to wear while toasting the city that never sleeps by dancing until dawn.
£340 for 100ml eau de parfum

The 2010 original was a massive success, and now this ‘Superdose’ turbo-charges it for greater lasting power. Made of a single ingredient ­– a fragrance molecule called Cetalox, often used in perfumery as a base note – that note shines, a minimalist but still characterful and sexy scent that’s clean, woody, and musky all at once. Promising ‘zero allergens’, it’s safe for anyone to snuggle up to. And oh, you’ll want to.
£130 for 100ml eau de parfum

Everywhere we look (or maybe sniff), the traditional, heady style of Oriental perfumery is being brightened, freshened and modernised, and Keshen Teo’s latest creation for his all-natural Prosody fine fragrance house certainly falls into this burgeoning fresh Oriental family. Imagining a riverbank at sunset, he opens with a citrus accord, mellowing to orris, peony leaf and a touch of lemongrass, resting on a base of warm, resinous myrrh and grassy vetiver.
£135 for 50ml eau de parfum
Inspired by the ‘acceleration, elation and intensity during the very beginning of a race,’ perfumer Olivier Gillotin fuses red mandarin ‘for an impulsive, crispy start’ and then a fresh whoosh of mint ‘for its energising power.’ You can read the full interview with him on our website, but pressing the fast-forward button, red saffron zips past with orange flower, cedar adds sleekness to roasted red coffee and the smooth musky trail ensures it’s a winner.
£55 for 75ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: Roses galore, Libre and more…

Life is truly a bed of roses with this week’s latest launches. There’s Amouage Rose Incense, Rose & Cuir from Jean Claude Ellena for Éditions de Parfums Frederic Malle and Oscar de la Renta Bella Rose. Add a dash of liberating YSL Libre and a spray of Abercrombie and Fitch and you’re all set for fabulous fragrances.

This Selfridges exclusive weaves ‘an olfactive tale of human emotions inspired by the “Rosebud” enigma in Citizen Kane.’ In fragrance terms, that translates to armfuls of roses, wrapped in the resinous mystery of frankincense and myrrh. Elemi, meanwhile, was chosen to bring a note of serenity to the fragrance – always welcome, in a crazy world. Designed to be shareable and sure enough, this smells as elegant on a masculine skin as a woman’s. Compare and contrast.
£240 for 50ml eau de parfum
Created via an exchange of texts pinging across the globe (read the full story on our Perfume Society website), this marks Jean-Claude Ellena’s return to EDPFM. (He created four scents for the house before his residency at Hermès.) The softest of leathers, it harnesses an animalic ‘forgotten’ molecule called isobutyl quinoline, which Ellena enfolded in the most velvety of roses. A handful of ingredients, brilliantly composed – the kind of genius scent haiku he’s famous for.
From £135 for 50ml eau de parfum DE LA RENTA
There’s something luscious about Bella Rosa. Whether it’s the splash of aqueous freesia with juice-dripping mandarin, or the dew-filled petals of pink roses, we don’t know. What we do know, is that the medley of mouth-watering ingredients leaves us wanting more. Sprinkled with pink pepper in the top, and grounded with patchouli and amber in the base, it adorns the skin as elegantly as an Oscar de la Renta gown would.
£81 for 100ml eau de parfum 
A new fashion statement rendered in lavender, this is about as far away from ‘granny’s drawer-liner’ as you can imagine. Seamlessly smooth orange blossom borrows effortless masculine style from the fougère fragrance style – think of it as one of YSL’s exquisitely cut jackets thrown nonchalantly over your shoulder, a strong silhouette that shrugs off meaningless rules to make room for your own. We predict a trend for feminine lavenders will soon be soaring.
£56 for 30ml eau de parfum
Whispering somewhat nostalgically of recent summer days and warm nights, this is what we like to call in The Perfume Society office a ‘sexy man smell.’ Grapefruit and bergamot drizzle to a spicy pep of pink pepper and freshly grated ginger while a herbaceous waft of aromatic sage and lavender lounge in the shade. The intense, long-lasting yet still transparent note of Clearwood segues to a sensual finale of moss and suede snuggles.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: capture the moment

Nothing captures a memory quite like scent, so indulge yourself with this week’s collection of latest launches. Give your heart to Louis Vuitton Coeur Battante and succumb to the beauty of Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur. Along the way enjoy Siclian lemons,  Springtime in a Park and the vivid green of Floris Vert Fougère. Sheer bliss!

Beaming us right back to summer, bare legs, chilled drinks and crystal clear seas, Limone di Sicilia squeezes the shimmering radiance of the Mediterranean into a rope-capped bottle. But as you’d expect from Aerin Lauder, this is way  more sophisticated than a typical citrus, a sea breeze laden with bergamot, Italian mandarin, lemon primofiore rippling petals of muguet, Egyptian jasmine and Centifolia rose, with Ambrox and oakmoss adding pashmina-like warmth at its conclusion.
From £150 for 50ml eau de parfum
Roman chamomile punctured by bitter almond, whispers of honeyed jasmine, grey clouds of hushed musk and woods – the warm skin smoothness of sandalwood, the cold, dry pencil shavings of cedar. It smells faintly familiar, but not quite like anything else; bone dry, salty as a licked tear, soothing but ethereally so. Alberto Morillas has made a quiet masterpiece, designed to be shared. We’re warning you: there will be tussles in the bathroom, over this.
£53.50 for 40ml eau de parfum
Be still our beating hearts, for there is a new offering from Louis Vuitton’s masterful perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, which plays with ‘the constant contrast between darkness and light, freshness and sensuality. In the light corner, radiant and almost humid Egyptian jasmine and green narcissus, alongside crisp and juicy pear and aquatic Cascalone. But venture into the shadows and you’ll discover the fragrance’s dark Chypré character, expressed via moss and patchouli. Ravissante.
£185.00 for 100ml eau de parfum
You’re walking through the streets of Shanghai, where a cool breeze shakes the cherry blossom on the trees. Dappled light shines through the branches and warms you a little. Springtime in the Park is like a perfectly crisp day; pears, bergamots and black currants drip onto aqueous blooms, lily of the valley and dewy roses, musks soften a woody trail and hint of vanilla adds sunshine. We’re fantasising of spring already.
£96 for 100ml eaux de toilette
An imagining of a fern in an English garden at twilight, Vert Fougère combines lavender and patchouli with galbanum for a green, damp, earthy beginning. Lingering sunlight is evoked via a bitter-citrus accord of bergamot, neroli and grapefruit, the encroaching darkness cut through with a sparkle of ginger. Finally, grounded with smoky cedar woods and soft cashmeres. Combining classic and modern elements, this is a verdant fougère to delight in.
£120 for 100ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Cairo, Cannes and cocktail hour

With a flamboyant flourish, we present this week’s glamorous latest launches. From Penhaligon’s Cairo to Mugler Angel La Croisiere, there’s sophistication, sandalwood and scent for a gent too. Ready, jet-set, go!


Not a new scent – but a florabundant new look for the fizzily rosy Rose Pompom, taken from an embroidery project. Inspired by the trend for D-I-Y, customisation and craft, Camille Goutal commissioned English embroidery artist Ellie MacDonald – who conjures up birds, fruits and flowers in richly-toned threads – to create intricate designs for Rose Pompom and Petite Chérie, under the banner L’Art de la Fleur. Vintage yet modern – just like the scents themselves.
£110 for 100ml eau de toilette
At Fenwick


All aboard! Sidonie Lancesseur’s limited edition sets out to capture ‘the cruise spirit in a perfume’ – harking back to the heyday of sea travel, via an ‘Energising Cocktail Facet’ blending juicy mango, grapefruit and blackcurrant sorbet. The ‘Voluptuous Facet’ ensures that Angel’s signature patchouli and praline notes make their presence felt, while the ‘Cocktail Dress Code’ sees the famous star bottle in an ombré get-up, its pop of pink fading to sunny yellow.
£48 for 50ml eau de toilette


Cairo is described as ‘a melting pot of fragrant gems’ – and somehow, Christophe Raynaud weaves together the city’s myriad olfactory signatures in this Trade Routes latest, without ever overwhelming. Think: hints of saffron, wafts of incense and armfuls of Damascena rose. Think: resinous labdanum, aromatic cypriol and warm vanilla. Then finally, Cairo shows its dark, carnal underbelly: Sri Lankan sandalwood, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli (and a touch of oudh, if our noses aren’t mistaken).
£173 for 100ml eau de parfum
Recreating the sensation of ‘a soft, soothing wood oil’, legendary perfumer Michel Almairac cloaks mandarin in powdered sandalwood shavings, violet becomes suffused in a cool bath of fig milk and tonka bean is draped with the feeling of pure white cotton blowing in the breeze. Think muslin curtains framing a perfect view, the deliciously cool side of a pillow against a flushed cheek, a comforting stroke of tender fingers through freshly-washed hair.
£130 for 75ml eau de parfum

Givenchy’s Gentleman Cologne brings words like dapper, dashing and debonair to mind – but there’s also a fabulous exuberance to it, a kind of fun buoyancy created with an explosion of citrusy bergamot, lemon and petitgrain. The dynamic energy of the fragrance’s introduction is soon soothed by the supple iris and cooling vetiver in the heart, while a finishing touch of Ambroxan and musk means traces last on skin till dawn – unusual, for a Cologne.
£49 for 50ml eau de Cologne