Watch one of our favourite-ever florists, Robbie Honey, fashion a Christmas wreath

In the September issue of The Scented Letter, we shared with readers superflorist Robbie Honey‘s favourite scented flowers for arranging at home – to mark the debut of his stunning candle range. Robbie is ‘the fashionista’s florist, with clients who’ve included Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Armani and – most famously – Christian Dior.

Now, in the run-up to Christmas, we bring you a great how-to video in which he demos the creation of a stunning yet deceptively simple Christmas wreath.

Robbie spends much of his time jet-setting between New York and Shanghai, the two cities where he’s in hot demand as a teacher of floristry. So we know you’ll find the video really easy-to-follow. (And probably fall just a teeny bit in love with Robbie, as everyone seems to.)

Robbie Honey‘s candles will no doubt be seen – and smelled – on all the smartest dinner tables, this Christmas. Perfect for a ‘white Christmas’, each celebrates a single note  white floral in the most stunning way, choose frm heavenly, breath-of-spring Muguet des Bois, sultry Jasmine, intoxicating Tuberose and ravishing Casa Blanca.

Each a fabulous, flickering reminder that after the holidays are over, spring – and then summer – are just around the corner.

Robbie Honey Candles £42 each (or £150 for the full collection)
At Robbie Honey