Crowdfund some fragrant fun with The Experimental Perfume Club

What we’ve been observing at The Perfume Society is a growing fascination with how perfumes are actually made. Mostly, that happens behind closed doors. But The Experimental Perfume Club, in London’s East End, invites you to take part in hands-on sessions which explain the technique, allow you to create your own perfume – and almost certainly, walk away more fascinated than ever, with an enhanced appreciation of professional perfumers and their art.
You can read more about our experiences at this innovative scent destination here. But now you’ve a chance to have a teeny scented stake in the future of this space, which was originally set up as a pop-up for six months by classically trained perfumer and fragrance expert Emanuelle Moeglin (she trained at ISIPCA).
To secure the future of the venture, to improve the breadth of materials available to students and to spread the word, Emanelle has now launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, with various ‘benefits’ for supporters. Her target is £14,000 (at time of press, that was 66% funded) – although the dream would be to raise £20,000.

There’s just over a week to go for the campaign – so you’ve still a chance to back this Access Perfume Lab and take advantage of one of the many perks on offer…
For instance, if you pledge £15, you’ll receive an Experimental Perfume Club tote bag.
We can see that might not pique the interest of our community of dedicated sniffers, though – so you’ll want to know that £25 (plus shipping) will secure you The Budding Perfume-Making Kit, containing five x 2.5 ml vials of different ingredients, a 10ml empty bottle, pipettes and blotters. It comes with a card that details ingredients, together with ‘recipe’ ideas for at-home fragrance blending.
Or for £40 (plus shipping), there’s The Quirky Ingredient Set. As Emanuelle puts it, the box ‘contains 12 ingredients that have a quirky edge and not often used: incense oil, Iso Butyl Quinoline (tarmac), iris absolute, rose oxide (metallic rose), myrrh resinoid etc… They are diluted in alcohol, come with a booklet, pipettes and empty vials.’
The Perfume Lover Ingredient Set contains 16 vials of ingredients (seven naturals, eight aroma chemcicals), again with info about how to use them and suggested blends.
Or for £85 backing, you can enjoy an Apprentice Perfume Workshop, allowing you to delve into the world of ingredients and make a bespoke perfume from scratch at the Club’s HQ. It’s a saving of £10 on the usual price – so if this is something you’ve had in mind for a while, this seems like the perfect opportunity to support The Experimental Perfume Club and help them Indiegogo-go for it.
Click here for more info about the campaign.
Written by Jo Fairley