Sisley Eau de Soir gets celestial for the 2017 limited edition

An eternal Chypre floral that swirls sumptuously, Eau du Soir has a legion of fragrance fans who’ve long swooned after the scent, now Sisley have introduced the most gorgeous limited editon bottle evoking celestial fantasies… and the scent itself is based on one of the most romantic tales we’ve heard (read on, below, to find out more.)
The emblematic flacon is a deep black and lacquered, peppered with a shower of stars and planets, ‘…transporting us to the middle of a starry night where the heavenly bodies shine bright and whirl in a wonderful dance.’ Incredibly marking the 15th edition, Sisley presents Eau de Soir in this contemporarily chic new ‘outfit’ for devotees of the famous fragrance, but also to tempt new fans in to the fold. So let us tempt you further…
Perhaps their most iconic fragrance, Eau du Soir has been acclaimed as one of the most elegant examples ever created of the (intriguingly sophisticated) Chypre fragrance family.

‘A stroll in the gardens of Alcazar in Seville, Spain. As dusk falls, the seringa blossom exudes its fragrance. A floral Chypre whirldwind. Refined, elegant and timeless. An eau de parfum combining citrus freshness and floral sensuality underlined by elegant chypre notes.’

And nothing makes us feel more fully dressed-up than a Chypre – we could swear it adds a certain sashay to the way you move!
There’s also a wonderfully romantic story behind Eau du Soir: it was created by Hubert d’Ornano for his beloved wife as her personal scent, in 1990, before being finally released to the public and going on to be a global bestseller. We feel the celestial theme is perfectly suited, therefore, especially for this time of year – reminding us to gaze at the frosty stars and dream of sunshine…

Sisley Eau de Soir Limited Edition 2017 £195 for 100ml eau de parfum
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Written by Suzy Nightingale