Diptyque’s new London home: scenting Sloane Street

Sloane Street is smelling extra wonderful this Christmas, thanks to Diptyque’s stylish new flagship London perfume pad, which has arrive just in time for the fragrant festive season. Inspired by exquisite Parisian architecture, but as always showcasing design elements of the original building in their stores; the new boutique is divided into three distinct sections for scent fans to explore…

Devoted to fragrant gifting and the Maison’s scent services, the first area features a beautiful burl wood cash desk with a huge fresco behind it, which was drawn on-site by French artist Claire Basler. A large wooden console with painted table displays invite customers to play and discover the Diptyque collection. The second space fuses the traditional Edwardian mouldings and ceiling roses with a contemporary sculptural table and displays surrounding a large and welcoming fireplace, all framed by ombre finish walls. Finally, an intimately inviting zone of light wood panelling and another stunning work by Basler – this time, a panoramic painting – swathes an exclusive seating area and the Decoration collection.



Earlier this year, Diptyque opened a Spitalfields store, and now with this very welcome addition to Sloane Street’s shops, Diptyque will doubtless be delighting local residents and visitors alike. ‘We have a thriving community in the Chelsea neighbourhood and are very excited to have found a perfect store in the area,’ says Amanda Morgan, Diptyque’s UK managing director. ‘More than just a luxury contemporary retail space, we want to welcome and take all our guests on a journey of discovery and surprises inside our Diptyque apartment…’

Diptyque, 161 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9BT

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Diptyque City Candles – previously exclusive, they’re travelling until 27th September (grab them while you can!)

Diptyque has put their much sought-after City Candles on their website (previously only available in the respective locations they were inspired by), but they’re only travelling for a few days and stocks are strictly limited! Time to hope aboard and add them to your baggage, immediately…

If you’re one of the many who obsessively collect the olfactory delights of Diptyque candles, you’re going to want to get your (virtual) boarding pass ready, because the limited edition City Candles are now on the Diptyque website – but only until 27th September 2020!



Normally, you’d have to jump on a plane and physically travel to the Diptyque flagship stores in Tokyo, Berlin, London, New York, Hong Kong, Beverley Hills, Miami, Shanghai and Paris to collect them all. Notwithstanding the airmiles you’d rack up, the money and carbon footprint you’d have to burn through would make this a trip you’d be unlikely to take – and of course this year, it’s been made impossible, anyway.

So the next best thing to being there? Burning your way through this lovely lot! Here’s our fragrant travel wish-list, but we wonder: where would you like to travel to with the Diptyque City Candle Collection…?

This ultra chic lavender-tinged Chypre has us dreaming of sashaying down the early autumn sunlit streets of Saint Germain.

Diptyque Paris Candle: £54


The heady, honey-laden scent of linden blossom transports us to the German capital – we’re craving the bookshops and über-cool clubs.

Diptyque Berlin Candle: £54


Why not stroll the intriguing alleyways of Tokyo, the shade of cypress trees mixing with wafts of mystical temple incense?

Diptyque Tokyo Candle: £54


New York’s bustling streets and vibrant nightlife is calling, with a hot rush of rich patchouli and sudden breeze of dry cedar and vetiver.

Diptyque New York Candle: £54

By Suzy Nightingale

Greece is the word: Diptyque’s mythologically inspired Eau de Minthé

Diptyque were inspired by an ancient Greek myth on the concept of metamorphosis for Eau de Minthé – a perfect starting point for this fragrant collaboration of the house’s director of marketing and product creation Myriam Badault alongside perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, and a completely new twist on mint and the Fougère family.

Diptyque say the scent ‘…reinvents an emblematic perfumery accord, fougère, by drawing on the scent of mint. At the very heart of the composition, its aromatic freshness enhances the lively floral notes of geranium while the patchouli confers profound depth.’

In fact, completely forget everything you think you know about mint – we get the name from a Greek myth’s nymph – who Badault was inspired by, because ‘I like to tell stories and share my discoveries, mythology and ancient times are among our strong inspirations, and we found this very nice story about the nymph Minthé and her love affair with Hadès.’

Diptyque are known for their fabulously evocative visual style, often collaborating with artists to bring their fragrances alive, and for Eau de Minthé, Badult knew exactly who to choose. ‘I have a whole collection of comics based on myths,’ she explained, ‘the young author is Clotilde Bruneau. We asked her to write the storyboard of the film. It was a very enriching experience.’

Having watched the beautifully illustrated movie (above), we urge you to seek out this surprisingly complex take on mint, that we feel can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Herbaceously creamy swirls are stirred into the dappled shade of a traditional fougère structure and infused with a genderless, contemporary edge of thorny rose oxide. Cool as a long cold drink on a hot day, crisp as the first touch of frost on green leaves, the verdant notes swoon to skin-warmed whispers of soft muskiness that delight the whole day through.

Diptyque Eau de Minthé £120 for 75ml eau de parfum diptyqueparis.com

By Suzy Nightingale



Have yourself a Diptyque little Christmas (a tea-break special)

Diptyque and Christmas go together like – well, Santa and his sleigh.
At the opening of their new Covent Garden boutique recently (it’s popping for at least a year!), we discovered that in the past they’ve partnered with that glorious British institution, Pollock’s Toy Theatres.
Which is clearly the inspiration for this seasonal little movie (below) of A Night at Diptyque, in which a toy theatre comes to life – and Diptyque’s three seasonal candles flicker into life. (They’re Le Roi Sapin, or the ‘festive fir tree’, Épices et Délices – delicious spices – and ‘sparkling incense’, Un Encens Étoilé.
It’s utterly charming, makes us feel Christmassy – and goes down very well with a cup of tea and a mince pie, we’re finding. (It also makes us want to light a scented candle. Which is probably the point.)


An absolutely darling Diptyque 34 Boutique pops up at Liberty

This morning (22nd September), the Perfume Society gang was lucky enough to see the preview of Diptyque’s lovely pop-up store in Liberty.
Reminiscent of how they first started out –as a ‘bazaar’, with links to fabrics and design –creativity was abounding in the room.
As they tell us: ‘Diptyque has always fostered a passion for objects with a soul. As soon as the first store opened at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, the founders – Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant – displayed their surprising finds side by side with their original upholstery fabrics. Italian glass bead necklaces, hand-sewn change purses, potpourris blended according to the owners’ changing inspirations…’ (And with Liberty having started in the same way, it’s a natural ‘home’ for this lifestyle pop-up.)
They had a host of new innovative products just bursting with gorgeousness, so we’re going to give you a quick run down…

La Madeleine

The new candle – with a scent composed by Fabrice Pellegrin –  is inspired by the little lemon-y cakes from Cazelle Bakery, a Parisian bakery founded in 1905. Apparently their famed madeleines are mouthwateringly delicious, ‘A simple sponge cake that’s so irresistible even the raw, melted butter dough gets your taste buds dancing’, is how Diptyque put it. And the candle smells just so, all citrus-y, creamy vanillas – practically edible.
La Madeleine candle £55 for 220g


Now this has got to be one of the cutest, most delicate examples of prettiness we’ve seen this year. It’s an object that adds life to a candle’s flame: the stand – with its intricate metal bird cut-outs – sits atop any 70g candle, and once the wick is lit the heat generates a current of air that makes the stand turn slowly. The birds dance around the candle and their playful shadows are projected: a small wonder to amaze both adult and child.
Carrousel (limited edition) £30

Essences Insensées 2016

Every year since the launch of their successful Collection 34, Diptyque have created a scent based on a particular floral harvest. In 2016, the fields of May roses in Grasse were exceptionally abundant, inspiring Fabrice Pellegrin to create a scent bursting with petals from the Centifolia rose,  sweetened by accents of honey and red fruits. Whoever declared rose ‘boring’ clearly had yet to sniff this delight.
Essences Insensées 2016 £105 for 120ml eau de parfum


A beautiful object that creates a glow around your candle like no other. A round plate of oxidised mirror sits behind the candle, giving the flame a hypnotic, mesmerising, malachite halo. It was inspired by the back wall at the 34 Boulevard Saint Germain store (also made of oxidised mirror) and adds an enchanting element to the ritual of lighting a candle.
Reflet candle holder (limited edition) £110


Long before Diptyque was ever known for their fragrance, they were renowned for the upholstery fabrics designed by the founders themselves. Taking inspiration from the fabric archives, illustrator Charlotte Gastaut created contemporary interpretations of the brand’s original designs – and let us tell you, they’ve never looked more at home than in Liberty. Available in pillow covers, fabric totes and pouches.
Pillow cover (limited edition) £50
Pouches (limited edition) £28
Fabric tote (limited edition) £35
The Diptyque Liberty pop-up will be open until Christmas 2016

Limited edition Diptyque ‘romance’ – and an emoji ‘keyboard’ you’ll be loving long after Valentine’s

We’re big fans of artist Olympia Le-Tan – and oh, what a clever fit she is with Diptyque‘s graphic style…

Combining her two obsessions – embroidery and literature – Olympia is responsible for all sorts of excitement at the perfume house right now, having created a whole ‘The key to my heart is in my bag’ campaign and with Diptyque projects on the cards for London, New York and Tokyo.

What we’re perhaps most excited about is the Diptyque emoji ‘keyboard’ which you can download for free from iTunes here.

It’s has to be said: it’s not e-x-a-c-t-l-y a keyboard – actually, more of a bank of images which you copy and paste into a text or e-mail (and NB they appear quite large) – but there are hearts, flowers, lips, handbags and all sorts of delightful icons which are way more visually pleasing and stylish than the standard issue palm tree/plate of pasta/smiling or tearful face.

The launch of the ‘keyboard’ coincides with the unveiling of a limited edition rose-scented collection called Rosaviola: a real ‘Mummy’s handbag’ of a smell (hence the name of the campaign), with puffs of rose and hints of lipstick, warmed by touches of suede-like leather. There are two sizes of candle on-line – and (in stores) you’ll also find scented ‘ovals’: just the prettiest way to fragrance your wardrobe.

We’re definitely drawn to the whole collection.


Diptyque Rosaviola from £28 for 70g candle
Buy it at www.diptyqueparis.co.uk

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 17.46.53

A fan of Diptyque? Liberty would like to invite you to a special event…

We’ve got a pretty hectic programme of events for The Perfume Society coming up for the Autumn (watch the EVENTS page – it includes a nationwide book tour to celebrate the very exciting launch of The Perfume Bible, and much, much more!)

But we’re always happy to steer perfume-lovers in the direction of other exciting scent events, and this one’s been organised by London’s Liberty department store. On 9th September, in the Heritage Suite (from 6-8 p.m.)

It’s the perfect setting since Diptyque (who you can read all about here) began as a sort of ‘bazaar’ on Paris’s Left Bank, before growing into the fragrance and candle brand so many of us know, love (and scent our houses and bodies with) today.

So Liberty is inviting you to experience ‘the unique identity of Diptyque through the new exclusive range – La Collection Treinte-Quatre‘… You will discover the “bazaar spirit”, which was so dear to the founders of the brand, as told by Brand Expert Adrian Miller-Yache.’ (We’ve seen the collection, and it’s utterly beautiful.)

There’s a booking fee of £35, but all guests will receive a luxurious gift on the night of the event – and the fee’s redeemable against any Diptyque product purchased on the night of the event.

You book via the Diptyque counter in Liberty +44(0)20 7734 1234 x 2483, or e-mail [email protected].

Written by Jo Fairley