A little ray of (jasmine-scented) sunshine on an autumn afternoon: the new J'Adore video

Jean-Baptiste Mondino‘s films for Dior J’Adore are always hotly-anticipated – and the heat’s certainly risen a degree or two with this latest commercial, starring (as ever) Charlize Theron, filmed at the ultra-flattering ‘golden hour’ before sunset. With a narrow window for filming, it took days to get what Mondino needed.
But as the film-maker commented when he shouted ‘Cut’ for the last time: ‘Today, I can confirm that the planets all aligned for us to create this film. From storyboard to filming, everything went perfectly. The sun, wind and sky… Nature spoiled us, and there wasn’t a moment of disappointment. At around 6.15 every evening, when the light was finally perfect, it was like a mystical experience!’ Watch the ad., below, to see what he means – and enjoy in a little sunlit warmth on these increasingly chilly days.

J’adore‘s real stars, though, have always been its ingredients. The eau de parfum – in its so-distinctive bottle (originally inspired by the tall brass necklaces worn by Burmese tribal women) – is a stunning, sun-bathed floral fusion of the traditional jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse and jasmine sambac from India (filmed so beautifully below), described as having ‘the instant power of the sun, with its rich yet delicate sensuality. The Grasse jasmine is harvested at the Domaine du Manon, which has been partnering with Dior perfumes for a decade.
As Dior explain: ‘Carole Biancalana reserves her entire jasmine grandiflorum harvest or the house fragrances… Grasse royal jasmine, or “large flower” jasmine, is a flower that does not tolerate harsh winters (more than a week of frost is fatal), and requires suitable land that is sunny,
protected and sufficiently irrigated. Harvested from mid-July to roughly mid-October, once the little white stars have blossomed in the night, the Jasmine is picked every day, from dawn until about 10 o’clock.’

‘As soon as the weather turns cold (November-December), the jasmine plants are cut down and the stumps have to be “earthed up”, covered with soil to protect them. The young stems that grow back after winter then have to be attached to each other. This painstaking manual work is indispensable when cultivating Grasse jasmine – regarded by perfumers as the noblest and most highly prized variety. To quote Carole Biancalana: Grasse Jasmine has an aroma that is intensely floral, yet not heady. It is full of
character, yet more faceted than any other variety of Jasmine in the world.”‘
Ylang ylang essence, meanwhile – harvested in the Comores – brings out J’adore’s floral-fruity elements…
And the third fragrant pillar of J’adore is the Turkish rosa Damascena, adding warmth and a sublime softness to the fragrance.
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