What if Coca-Cola was a perfume?

Would you dab it behind your ears…?

A Professor at the Kaywon School of Art & Design created a project which shows how it might look if the blockbuster global soft drink brand did come up with a perfume line. By keeping the recognisable ‘signature’ curved shape of the bottle, he’s definitely managed to give it a very perfume-like look (and even came up with a box for the scents, too).

Wonchan Lee dreamed up two ranges:  one based on the ‘Classique’ range – Coca Cola Le Parfum, and a ‘Belle’ range, ‘for younger women’ (20-30 female), with the pastel tints.
In reality, a Coca-Cola perfume doesn’t exist. (Though with the way some brands have been ‘stretched’ to include a scent in their line-up, we’d never say never.) www.wonchanlee.com