Lust object alert: these ‘perfume’ bookshelves just shot to the top of our ‘If we won the Lottery’ splurge-list

How people actually store their fragrance collections is of infinite interest to us. As regular readers of our online/print magazine The Scented Letter know well, one of our very favourite things to do is snoop around people’s perfume collections, and we love revealing people’s storage secrets in the #ShareMyStash feature. (You can see an example – featuring 4160 Tuesdays perfume Sarah McCartney – below.)

We’d certainly love to walk into an interviewee’s house and encounter these. Because given an infinite budget, they’re what we’d choose: a set of matte-painted metal shelves (actually available in black, white, yellow, two different greys, powder pink – you name it, really).

By Gino Carollo for Bonaldo, they come individually and are priced around £670-720 each (so no, we’re not really expecting many of you to dash out and scoop these up) – but we think they look best as a ‘collection’ (and definitely against a white wall, shown here).

For now, we’ll make do with the bookcase scooped up in Hastings Old Town for fifteen quid and given a lick of Seal Dawn paint (which can make even the ugliest piece of furniture beautiful).

After all, at the end of the day, it’s the bottles – and the glories within – which really matter, after all.

Perfume Bottle Bookcases £620-720
Buy them at Panik Design

By Jo Fairley