Roll on summer (literally) with Byredo’s new roll-on fragrance oils

Did you know that Sweden has the highest per capita consumption of ice cream? Strange but true.

And there is now another very cool way to enjoy summer, Swedish-style: Byredo‘s gorgeous Roll-On Perfumed Oils. This innovative Stockholm-based fragrance house just introduced a new way to enjoy some of its iconic scents – and the perfumed oils offer two advantages. 1) The oil formulation stays put for longer on the skin (one of the challenges of summer scents is that they dissipate quickly). 2) Since they’re alcohol-free, some people – who may have a photosensitive reaction to wearing alcohol-based perfumes in the sun – can enjoy these, without a problem.

The seven include divine La Tulipe (with its rhubarb, freesia, blonde woods and vetiver), Gypsy Water (zesty with lemon, bergamot, pepper, juniper berries, with incense and pine needles at its heart), and Blanche: pretty and flirty, blending white rose, a nose-fizzing whoosh of aldehydes, violet, neroli and peony, before it mellows sensually to a base of blonde woods, musk and sandalwood.

The 7.5 ml travel sizes are very portable, spill-proof (and airport security-friendly, too).

Scoop them up at, £47 for 7.5 ml Roll-On Perfumed Oil

Written by Jo Fairley