Pep Up Your Perfumes! Black & Pink Pepper Scents

It’s definitely the time of year we need a pep to our perfumes, and thankfully many scents showcase pepper – of the black and pink varieties (though chilli and other types are increasingly being used). Pepper pairs so well and enhances many ingredients, just as the spice does in cooking, so are often used as a type of ‘scented seasoning’ within a fragrance formula. However, as you will see, pepper can radiate wonderfully when allowed to shine as a more dominant ingredient, too.

You can read our Ingredient pages for the more about the fascinating history and uses of both black pepper, and pink pepper; but meanwhile, we urge you to seek out these spice-sprinkled scents and add an olfactory tingle to get you through colder days…


Molton Brown Black Pepper Recharge

This iconic sizzle of a scent was WAY ahead of its time, with the magnificent pepper enhanced by lemon and ginger and dark green herbs – a true wake-up call to get you going any time you need a fragrant boost!

£120 for 100ml eau de parfum



ARgENTUM Magician

Inviting you to ‘take the dare’, clove bud and chilli-flecked incense curls skyward while pepper-flecked ribbons on unctuous myrrh, sticky labdanum and the grounding steadiness of cedar evoke ancient, healing balms.

£228 for 70ml eau de parfum in our shop (or try a sample in the Fire Collection Discovery Kit for £28)



Kingdom Scotland Metamorphic

A wee splash of Islay malt amidst black pepper, tobacco, incense, minerals and rose absolute. Metamorphosing on the skin as it’s warmed to reveal a base of amber resin and leather, it’s an absolutely stunning winter warmer.

£120 for 50ml eau de parfuin our shop




Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper

This perkily spiced pink pepper is delicately balanced, with the alluring layers enhanced by the complex aromas, it’s the top notes of those peppercorns mixed with tangerine and elemi oil that really reel you in for more…

£85 for 100ml eau de toilette



Ostens Rose Oil Isparta

Using the highest concentration of exquisite quality rose oil, Dominique Ropion, no less, conjures blackcurrant jammy-ness shot through with pink pepper’s tingle. Voluptuous, addictive, the closest thing to Heaven on earth.

£135 for 50ml eau de parfum in our shop


4160 Tuesdays Shazam!

Evoking the olfactory adventures of wandering a spice market in the Marrakesh Medina, a sassy pink pepper sizzle atop a classy, classic amber base of resinous labdanum balsam with cardamom, cocoa and vanilla.

£65 for 50ml eau de parfum in our shop


Written by Suzy Nightingale

Spice up your fragrance wardrobe with black pepper – a ‘hot’ scent ingredient

Nose-tinglingly warming, rich and exotic: Sunil Makan explores the opulence of black pepper – which we’re increasingly finding (and enjoying) in fragrance…

We implore you to take heed – and pay attention to the humble peppercorn. Such a versatile ingredient, it can be the hearty sprinkle on your caprese salad – or the crowning glory atop a blood red Bloody Mary. But more and more often, black pepper can often be found doing all sorts of wonderful things to your fragrance. Whether you prefer a woodier scent, something with florally notes or scents with a somewhat masculine edge, we’ve found seven exquisite ways to enjoy pepper…

Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne


Pepper intensity: 2/5
Staying power: 5/5

A full-bodied elixir with a hit of ginger, which cuts through rich and warm amber. The pepper is subtle here but gives life and lift to this bold and intense concoction, making it perfect for wear all year round.

£100 for 100ml Cologne at


Pepper intensity: 3/5
Staying power: 4/5

Clean soapy vanilla beans meet freshly-laundered silk sheets. The black pepper lingers and tones down any initial headiness from the vanilla adding spice to this sophisticated, aromatic but sweet fragrance, which is creamy with sandalwood, too.

£115 for 100ml eau de parfum at


Pepper intensity: 4/5
Staying power: 4/5

Like salty waves crashing off the coast of LA, this contrasts citrussy fresh lemon with the sweetness of juniper berries. The pepper leads you towards a soft and powdery dry-down; a sublimely elegant fragrance construction in which you can really appreciate every single note.

£88 for 50ml eau de parfum at



Pepper intensity: 2/5
Staying power: 4/5

A vase full of freshly hand-picked creamy and herbaceous magnolia. Pink peppercorn and notes of green tea deliver an organic and natural feel; we think this would be perfect for ballet dancers on opening night, as well as lovers of classically floral fragrances.

£90 for 100ml eau de parfum at



Pepper intensity: 4/5
Staying power: 5/5

The femme-fatale of the group: unabashedly opulent and sexy. A grandiose garden full of pink roses and violet geraniums by night, from ‘nose’ Michel Roudnitska. Black pepper adds mystery to this decadent Ambrée creation – this is old-world fabulousness at its most decadent.

£115 for 50ml eau de parfum at


Pepper intensity: 2/5
Staying power: 4/5

A musky blend of mango and pineapple dusted with pink peppercorns which soften any immediate saccharine notes. The cutesy fruit fragrance decidedly gets a gorgeous upgrade.

£105 for 100ml eau de parfum £105 for 100ml at



Pepper intensity: 2/5
Staying power: 3/5

Like a vase full of crisp wild grasses next to a freshly-run mineral bath: although not precisely a peppercorn, the green pepper holds the same qualities and characteristics and caresses the subtlest notes of coriander and white musk, resulting in a raw and natural – and yes, green – scent, which we find very ‘shareable’.

From £42 for 25ml eau de parfum at