A fan of Diptyque? Liberty would like to invite you to a special event…

We’ve got a pretty hectic programme of events for The Perfume Society coming up for the Autumn (watch the EVENTS page – it includes a nationwide book tour to celebrate the very exciting launch of The Perfume Bible, and much, much more!)

But we’re always happy to steer perfume-lovers in the direction of other exciting scent events, and this one’s been organised by London’s Liberty department store. On 9th September, in the Heritage Suite (from 6-8 p.m.)

It’s the perfect setting since Diptyque (who you can read all about here) began as a sort of ‘bazaar’ on Paris’s Left Bank, before growing into the fragrance and candle brand so many of us know, love (and scent our houses and bodies with) today.

So Liberty is inviting you to experience ‘the unique identity of Diptyque through the new exclusive range – La Collection Treinte-Quatre‘… You will discover the “bazaar spirit”, which was so dear to the founders of the brand, as told by Brand Expert Adrian Miller-Yache.’ (We’ve seen the collection, and it’s utterly beautiful.)

There’s a booking fee of £35, but all guests will receive a luxurious gift on the night of the event – and the fee’s redeemable against any Diptyque product purchased on the night of the event.

You book via the Diptyque counter in Liberty +44(0)20 7734 1234 x 2483, or e-mail [email protected].

Written by Jo Fairley