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With the gardens in full bloom, so many of us are taking every opportunity to run to a patch of green and bask in sunlight this summer (you only have to see the parks or green spaces of any major town or city, filled with workers making the most of their lunch breaks, to know how vital it is for us to be taking time out to enjoy nature.

And – naturally – this leads us to ponder which perfumes we’d wear to maximise this fabulously flower-filled time of year.




Not a fan of floral fragrances? We’ve all manner of gorgeously evocative scents, from green and shady to full-on florabundant to recommend, each of them celebrating the joy of gardens in their own unique way, and all of them blooming beautiful




THoO Cypress Shade

Part of their ‘Klem Gardens’ collection – which celebrates ‘the timeless garden’ that’s inspired perfumers through the centuries, Cypress Shade offers a welcome breeze of coolness, in shadows ‘cast by the boughs of a cypress tree brings a moment of relief and refreshes the soul. The sparkling notes of mandarin, lemon and bergamot light up to enjoy the first invigorating lights of sunrise. The fresh and vivid light of the dawn has something miraculous. each ray cleaves the huge fronds of the cypresses moved by the wind as in a dance. On the skin, aromatic and woody variations break up and overlap each other, giving the fragrance a disarming depth.’

From £220 for 75ml eau de parfum




Fornasetti Giardino Segreto

Creators of the most covetable candles, Fornasetti are back on the scent scene with three so-divine wearable fine fragrances: the florabundant Giardino Segreto being our focus here, of course. The powerful green of Tomato leaves and frshly plucked black raspberries are mysteriously swirled with myrrh, and draped in silken sandalwood to create the kind of secret garden you long to explore – we picture tiptoeing through dew-pearled grass at dawn in a gauzy gown, the morning sunlight drowsily awakening the freshness before settling to a contented cat-stretch in a patch of warmth (on a Fornasetti-patterned cushion amidst a garden maze? We feel it’s scent appropriate). A considered purchase, for sure, but oh it’s a glorious journey (and oh! That BOTTLE!)

£480 for 100ml extrait de parfum




Clive Christian Queen Anne Rock Rose VII Noble Collection

The fragrant inspiration for this garden-centric scent came from none other than Clive Christian’s own Queen Anne house gardens, which he’s worked hard to restore to their former glory, encompassing a planting scheme that echoes the history of the place. Inspiration that blossoms fully within this classically styled and late summer-mistily refined fougére with a surprisingly modern edge. Citrus, bergamot and neroli are sprinkled with black pepper a superbly dry lavender, violett and intriguing scent of rock rose simmer in the heart. In the base, base, cocoa, patchouli, amber and vetiver glow as if lit by the last sunlight of the day.

£490 for 50ml parfum



Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet

Captured quite literally (using Headspace Technology) the linden blossom in this beguiling scent glides through a breeze of mimosa, cedar, and citrus. It’s a radiant delight to wear at any time, of course, but really comes into its own when wafted forth during the summer – the very season it seeks to capture in scented form. Incredibly, this wasn’t a mere ‘inspired by’ project. Highgrove Bouquet was actually created with HRH The Prince of Wales, in part as a tribute to the magnificently fragrant summers he’s spent at Highgrove Gardens.

£175 for 100ml eau de parfum


(Psst! See details for The Garden of Delights Discovery Box, below, to learn how to get a sample of this and many more…)




Adscenture Secret Garden

‘Luring you in, you’re unable to resist the enchanting bouquet of white flowers. Night is looming, the last sunlight cascades over this secret place. As darkness descends, frangipani comes to life. Magical notes of peach and coconut delight you, whilst undertones of amber and woods ground you. You’re on your ADSCENTURE. Exotic notes of bergamot and peach linger with sweet and creamy coconut. The heart of this scent brings sun-kissed frangipani combined with delicate jasmine and fleshy ylangylang. A base of vanilla santal, warming amber and musk complete this scent.’

£60 for 30ml eau de parfum in our shop (or why not try this AND the Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet as part of the sample found in The Garden of Delights Discovery Box? See below for all the details!)


Now we are all set to scamper with wild abandon this summer in our gardens (when the weather allows!), why not treat yourself to that fragrant feeling of joy and freedom via an entire wardrobe of verdant and flora-bundant fragrance samples to be found in The Garden of Delights Discovery Box?


We know that gardens help us to feel renewed, so we curated this collection of vibrant, bright fragrances, so everyone can feel the rejuvenating benefits of gardens in every single spritz…


Garden of Delights box


The Garden of Delights Discovery Box is priced £19 + p&p to VIP Club Members £23 + p&p to everyone else – be sure to log into your account to take advantage of the special VIP Club price. Inside, you’ll find this amazing line-up of scents…

Adscenture Secret Garden 2ml eau de parfum
Cosmoss Sacred Mist 1.5ml eau de parfum 
EauMG Rockin Rose 2ml extrait de parfum
Floral Street Sweet Almond Blossom 2ml eau de parfum
Granado Jardim Real 1.8ml eau de parfum
Juliette has a gun Magnolia Bliss 1.7ml eau de parfum       
Mizensir Vert Empire 2ml eau de parfum
Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily 1.5ml eau  de parfum
Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet 1.5ml eau de parfum 
Shay&Blue Amber Rose 2ml eau de parfum 
Versace Dylan Purple 1ml eau de parfum
Yardley London English Rose Body Mist 200ml
SBC Arnica Moisturising Gel 100ml


Written by Suzy Nightingale

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