Why not start a Perfume Group?

Imagine a book club, where there’s no homework: all you need to bring is your nose. (And maybe something nice to sip on.) If you’d like to take your subscription to The Perfume Society one stage further, we encourage you to set up your own local Perfume Society Perfume Group, with friends. There’s no extra subscription: simply use the form below to e-mail us. We’ll activate your Perfume Group – and each month we’ll send you details of a new, enjoyable activity designed to help deepen your enjoyment of fragrance even further.

The monthly ‘activity’ might revolve around one of our Fragrance Education Perfume Discovery Boxes (the first of which launches on 11th June 2014). Maybe you’ll get to come up with some cocktail recipes, inspired by perfume (see right), with guidelines from leading mixologists.

Or pair tea, or chocolate, with perfume… Or even get involved in blind-testing, or a scientific experiment matching musical notes to fragrance notes…! We’ve lots up our sleeve.

In the past we’ve tasked perfume groups with coming up with a cocktail recipe to embody the scent of Jimmy Choo BLOSSOM, which featured in our Blossom Discovery Box. We received many interesting and delicious recipes (that we naturally all had to try out) and our winner won a full size bottle of the scent. This time round we’re asking our groups to give us their valued opinions on what could be the future of fragrance. We’re impossibly excited to hear what fascinating feedback our groups have for us.Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 16.36.49

If you don’t have perfume-loving friends but you’d like to meet up with fellow perfumistas, do e-mail us via the form below. If there’s a group in your area, we’ll contact them to see if they’re looking for members. (No promises, but we’ll ask on your behalf.)

And if you’ve got any ideas for activities which our Perfume Society Perfume Groups can get involved in? Do e-mail us, using the little form in ‘Contact us’ in our Footer (the section at very bottom of the website). For anyone whose ideas we adopt, there’ll be a prize of four of our ‘Latest Launches’: an instant capsule fragrance wardrobe. Which, if you like, you can then invite your group to discover, explore and enjoy.

Preferably with a glass of something chilled.

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