The Perfume Society has rapidly become a hub of fragrance information and trend insights, with our fingers on the pulse of all that’s happening in the scented world.

We also have dedicated Perfume Society Perfume Groups around the country whose thoughts and impressions can be harnessed via focus groups and research. Make us your ‘go-to’ for deeper knowledge of the fragrance-buying public…


  • Copywriting (brochures, press releases, website copy, catalogues etc.) – from a singe page to an entire printed publication
  • Editorial content for on-line/print, blog posts etc.
  • Visual content: we can organise photography/illustration/ product styling
  • Social media takeovers/Instagram photography


With a hot-line to the most talented creatives in perfume-writing, illustration and photography and with wide experience putting together our award-winning magazine The Scented Letter, The Perfume Society has established a new service for fragrance brands, retailers, manufacturers and industry bodies wishing to put together communications for the industry, or consumer-facing.

We have already completed projects for several leading names. With unrivalled access to real perfume consumers, an understanding of their shopping and reading habits – and with our fingers firmly on the pulse of perfumery trends – we are in a fantastic position to help communicate your messages…


We offer all VIP Subscribers to The Perfume Society the opportunity to set up their own local Perfume Group. These now number 60, around the UK. They are assigned regular ‘activities’ – which have included market research into proposed fragrance launches, feeding back their opinions and impressions.

Whatever you’d like to research, we’re able to put together panels or groups whose opinions can be gathered either remotely (via e-mail/ Survey Monkey forms), or face-to-face. We’re happy to workshop ideas to help you gain insights on fragrances, scented products, home fragrance – or to gain a new perspective on your brand, via our groups.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Increasing numbers of brands are signing up their consultants as VIP Subscribers as a way of engaging their teams with fragrance in an entertaining, engaging and informative way. Via The Scented Letter, anyone working in the scented world can gain an overview of everything happening in fragrance, including launches across major and independent brands.

We are able to organise special ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell’ sessions for teams, signed copied of The Perfume Bible – many ways to ignite (or reignite) a passion among your team.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.


We are increasingly being asked to offer our popular ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell’ sessions to businesses and organisations as an enjoyable, educational and informative group activity. (Seen here: a special workshop for a coffee brand, in East London.)

Lasting around 90 minutes (shorter or longer sessions can be arranged), we will travel to your choice of location and share a fascinating (and highly effective) exercise designed to improve appreciation of the scented world. Clients have included a coffee company, women’s networking organisations and perfume brands.

Our Co-Founder, Jo Fairley, is an acclaimed public speaker who travels the world offering inspirational keynotes to a wide range of organisations, including across the beauty and fragrance industry, at conference and awaydays. Jo shares lessons from building her businesses – from Green & Black’s (the world’s first organic chocolate company) through to The Perfume Society, and more – and is renowned for engaging and motivating audiences.