#ScentedCinema – Lush & Gorilla Perfumes treat you to seasonal sensory screenings (for free!)

Lush are treating you to FREE screenings of festively cheerful films this month, with scented props courtesy of their Gorilla Perfumes range. Based on the concept of Synaesthesia (an overlapping of the senses provoked by visual, aural or spacial events) the films are accompanied by a unique ‘smell track’ contained in a box of labelled objects pertinent to each film.

photoLast night we were treated to the #ScentedCinema screening of High Fidelity, the comedy film originally released in 2000, based on the Nick Hornby book of the same name, and starring John Cusack as Rob Gordon – a music-obsessed record store owner with a distinctly dodgy track record of dating mishaps. We follow Rob as he narrates the woeful history, following his painfully funny journey through girlfriends past as he ‘asks what it all means.’

One of our favourite films (and not at all Christmassy if you’re feeling out-tinselled already) it’s one of a number of differing films Lush are very generously laying on for free over the festive period. We won’t spoil surprises by revealing all the scented items we sniffed, but suffice to say, we lusted over the Sonic Death Monkey t-shirt and wished we could have kept ours!

Optimized-gorilla_perfume_room_smallSitting in the basement of Lush’s  Oxford Street store, nibbling free popcorn and delicious chocolates dished out by the staff, and sipping an alcoholic beverage as we were prompted to smell each item in our themed box – we really came to feel that many more films should be viewed this way – the scented stimuli really connects you on another level, and most of all it’s enormous fun and welcome respite from the Christmas shopping mayhem on the rest of Oxford Street!

Screenings are as follows:

To book yourself in for this extended festive treat, simply call Lush Oxford Street reception on 020 7789 0001 or email [email protected] and await confirmation.

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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