Scent Every Day

How do we wear fragrance every day? It’s not something we think about much – most of us just spritz and go. My first perfume wearing experiences are of spraying or dabbing a few drops of precious amber liquid on my wrists from a beautiful bottle, which felt very grown up and sophisticated. That evolved in my late teens when one Christmas I was given the soap and body lotion to match my then favourite scent, Chanel 19 (a classic!). It was a revelation – I absolutely loved the soapy scented lather and the creamy aroma of the lotion and the way they lingered on my skin. To me, it was an easier, relaxed ‘jeans and T-shirt’ way to wear my fragrance on a daily basis, which I could intensify with a spritz of the Eau de Parfum when dressing up to go out, or if I wanted to feel extra special. I loved that a little went a long way, and I treasured those products. Later, when I began working in magazines, my style was vintage 50s influenced – I would wear my beloved vintage 501s with a crisp white shirt most days and around that time discovered Kenzo’s original perfume which was a modern, fresh hint-of-green floral which I loved in body lotion form even more. It was the late 80s when loud signature scents were in, whereas the Kenzo body lotion had a quiet, airy floral lightness of a summer morning. It’s still such a potent scent memory which came to mind when I discovered a bar of Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte soap which I’d kept in a cupboard, sealed in its box. I decided to open it and it turned out to be a gem – creamy and rich in the shower, the crisp green cologne notes lingered throughout the hottest summer days keeping me dewy fresh. It reminded me of the importance of cherishing our daily routines as an opportunity to bring in the aromas that inspire and nurture us. To bring a note of luxury. I became aware again of the delicate rose note in my bathroom staple, Weleda Wild Rose Spray Deodorant, £14.75. The mysterious sweet woody Palo Santo (known as ‘Holy Wood’) as I wash my hair in Rahua Classic Shampoo £34 and Conditioner, £36. Not forgetting the aroma of skin care. The innovative Argentum Apothecary collaborated with Grasse-based perfumer Delphine Terry to create the delicate and mysterious woodsy scent of their much loved skin cream, so popular, it became the  inspiration for their Become perfume and a whole line of gorgeous wellness meets skincare Eaux de Parfums. And for Stella McCartney’s skincare line, Francis Kurkdjian created the ‘High Cliff’ aroma, a whoosh of comforting natural freshness based on the feeling of being in the remote Scottish Isles. There will always be great joy in adorning ourselves with our favourite scent – let’s make sure we slow down appreciate every moment. It can be much more than just a quick spritz and go.

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