Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums brings you the sweetest stories with Signorina…


Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums have teamed up with an Italian food writer, Csaba dalla Zorza, to create tiny tales for their Signorina range of fragrances. Working together to create ‘Sweet Stories’, gourmand-inspired tales that incorporate the sense of smell, aesthetics and wonder. Always based around an ethereal Signorina, dressed impeccably (in Ferragamo), with the magical background of Florence, somewhere between now and always. The Pink Pearl Necklaces was based on Signorina EDP (which featured in our Fashion & Fragrance discovery box). So come, take a dip in the romantic, seductive and elegant world of Signorina…

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina EDP £39.00 for 30ml

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Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza EDP £42.00 for 30ml

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The Pink Pearl Necklaces

The house was one of those ancient mansions overlooking the water, whose noble aura filled the air and gave it a certain character. The windows overlooked the Lungarno, offering a magnificent view of Florence. On May afternoons, when the sun tinged the waters of the Arno pink, the young Signorinas would come in from a stroll in the garden, the air filled with the scent of pink berries.

In the centre of the garden stood a rare tree that had been brough from the tropics by an explorer many years ago. Its spicy fragrance created a fairy-tale atmosphere, which also captivated the heart. The tree had long branches hanging down around the trunk, and had found in Tuscany a place to serenely spread its roots. Every year it produced masses of round, pink berries, as light as a feather, which the Signorinas would string together like tiny pearls on silk threads, and wear around their necks and wrists, and in their hair together with soft pink peonies.

Those mellow afternoons spent talking about dreams; perfumes and love were made even more enjoyable by the housekeeper, who would send the three sister’s dishes of her famous silky-smooth pannacotta, made even more fragrant by juicy red-currants. The scent was a delight in itself and the soft creamy texture made one long for another spoonful… and gathering berries became a sheer delight.

One day Lucrezia, Lavinia, and Beatrice bought a silk bag filled with berries from the pink pepper tree, and made intricate hair wreaths by interlacing them with peony stems and their perfumed leaves. Each Signorina choosing to wear one at the evening party to celebrate the fragrance of summer, when loves were born that were destined to last. The precious hair pieces complemented the beautiful delicate dresses of the Signorinas, each in search of a face to dream of, a scent to remember, and a kiss to steal in the pale moonlight… So that they would have another story to tell in the afternoon, lying in the shade beneath the aromatic pink pepper tree.

You can read all three stories here.

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