Robert Pattinson smoulders for the scent of Dior Homme Intense City – watch the new ad right here

You could add an extra layer or clutch a hot water bottle, but we’d rather snuggle up and watch Robert Pattinson in the new Dior Homme Intense City ad campaign ta-very-much! It’s so thoughtful of Dior to provide such heart-warming visual stimulation to see us through the grey, damp days of January – and we think you’ll agree when you watch the brand new video by clicking below…

Having worked with the fashion and fragrance house since 2013, the London lad Pattinson is shown in a swaggeringly brooding stroll around the streets of New York in a mean ‘n’ moody looking monochrome campaign shot by German director Peter Lindburgh. As he wanders past, some of the buildings are shown with uplifting messages superimposed on the them, and we can’t wait to see if the fragrance itself uplifts us as much as the teaser trailer does.

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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