Riviera Style: Fashion & Textile Museum to Jet Set scents

We had the pleasure of visiting London’s Fashion and Textile Museum yesterday, having been tipped off by one of our lovely VIP subscibers, who told us the original vintage print currently gracing the cover of  The Scented Letter magazine – along with a myriad other glam images of the era – could currently be viewed at their latest exhibition, entitled Rivera Style. Had we seen it, she asked? We had not! So we made it our mission to sniff it out…

SL10.Cover_.Widget1-1We know it’s not done to boast, but the printed version of our magazine is even more glorious ‘in the flesh’ than on screen (and v. coffee-table- envy-inducing, we think you’ll agree…) Click on the cover for some sneak-previews of the travel-laden pages you’ll be treated to…
In the museum, set against a depiction of the Art Deco Saltdean Lido, a huge array of mannequins is poised for sunshine frolics in swimming costumes and ultra glam ‘resort wear’ jostle for attention. A two piece Wolsey bathing suit, consisting of a blouse and bloomers, is one of the earliest examples dating from the 1890’s; but as the era of seaside trips turns into the jet-setting lifestyle we’re so accustomed to; the fashions become noticeably racier, with every conceivable fabric being ruched, ruffled and embellished to within an inch of its life…

photo 2‘From the English seaside to the Côte d’Azur and California, Riviera Style celebrates fashion at its most fun. With swimsuits and sarongs, brightly patterned beach cover-ups, boat neck Bretons and beach pyjamas, palazzo pants and playsuits, bikinis and burkinis, the exhibition features over 100 years of clothes for leisure. Riviera Style brings together a diverse range of clothing worn in and by the sea.’
One of our favourite features was, indeed, the incredible vintage posters on display (many of which you can buy framed copies of in the gift shop). Celebrating fashion and travel over the last 100 years, the display includes prints from Vogue, P&O Heritage and the National Railway Museum.

riviera 1
We loved wandering around the exhibition, listening to the holiday-inspired music and gazing in wonder at fashions from the saucy to the sublime. Surrounded by the glamour of bygone eras definitely put us in the mood to dive once again in to our Jet Set Discovery Box, which so many of you have been enjoying already – with travel-friendly sizes of fragrances inspired by exotic climes the world over, it’s a scented trip each time you spritz!


Taking you through the beauty queen looks of the 1950’s, crazy cut-outs of the 60s and on to the streamlined styles of the modern day – Riviera Style is a real celebration of our desire to see and be seen beside the seaside (beside the sea). If you’re recently back from your travels and suffering post-holiday blues, or have yet to go away this year – ignore the tempestuous British weather and uplift your spirits with some indoor Summertime fun…


Riviera Style at the Fashion and Textile Museum (until 13th September 2015)
83 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XF

Tickets may be purchased in person on the day of the visit or book online
£8.80 adults
£6.60 concessions
£5.50 students

Written by Suzy Nightingale

Image: La Plage de Calvi, Corse, 1928 (Colour Litho) Broders, Roger (1883-1953) Private Collection Photo ©Christie’s Images Bridgeman Images.

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