Rhubarb, tea and mint: meet the fragrance trends for spring/summer 2015

Mirroring the world of fashion and beauty, fragrance has trends that are predicted and forecast ahead of time. They may not be presented via a trail of beautiful models walking down a catwalk to rows upon rows of beady eyes, but to us, knowing and understanding what notes and accords will make up next season’s fragrances is just as fascinating. 

So, for those who like the be a little ahead of the scent game, here’s what to expect from the world of fragrance for spring/summer 2015.

According to experts Seven Scent, next summer is set to be a bouquet of utterly fresh ingredients, alongside modern interpretations on classic and popular notes. Spanning the worlds of fine fragrance, fashion and design, their predictions are based on global research – in turn allowing them to pinpoint the top aromas for next summer’s perfume formulations.

Tea – Next summer promises a renewed focus on tea. You can expect scents containing this note to be fresh, aromatic and utterly delicate.

Mint – Giving fragrances a natural lift, mint adds a cooling green accord with a little hint of spice.

Rhubarb – The clever thing about rhubarb in fragrance is its versatility. It blends amazingly with fruity and floral accords – so it’s the perfect addition so summer scents, adding a fresh, green and slightly sharp berry note.

‘Artisan Botanical’ – This isn’t about a single note; it’s a fragrance style we’ll be seeing. Here, vintage floral aromas will combine sensuously with fresh and green notes – possibly due to the fact that some of the inspiration behind them comes from nature. Expect fragrances with an Artisan Botanical element to feel elegant and ultimately carefree – pure summertime, don’t you think?

‘Tribal Anthropology’ – Blending woody, spicy and earthy notes, these heady fragrances will be bold and outgoing – evoking the feeling of travel and journeys.

‘Sculptural Oceanography’ – The best way to sum up this trend in fragrance is the seaside. Picture the fresh sea breeze and crashing waves, as notes of white tea, driftwood, musk and sea moss will take you on a trip to the British coast. (And we’ll let you in on a secret: Jo Malone London is set to be ahead of this trend with its launch for this autumn, Wood Sage and Sea Salt.)

‘Neo Architecture’ – Warming amber, dry spices and sensuous musks. Neo Architecture refers to fragrances with a precisely designed heart and strong base. Fans of heady scents, rejoice…

One of the things we love about fragrance is its power to help us time-travel backwards. But we hope you’ve enjoyed being beamed into the future, with this sneak peek at spring/summer 2015…

Written by Alice Jones

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