Rent-an-Image: an event at Jovoy Mayfair

We’re thrilled to share with you this fragrant event from one of our subscribers Olga Petrouchenko – that as a follower of The Perfume Society – we think you’ll really enjoy…

Date: Thursday 16th May 2019 – 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue: Jovoy Mayfair, 21 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XP

In collaboration with Jovoy Mayfair we invite you to discover an psychological aspects of fragrances.

Any true perfume lover knows that fragrances are magical substances with powers to enhance our mood, to perfect our outfit and to communicate our inner self to the world. When the world presents us with difficult situations or impossible choices, we can call for help from our long-trusted scents. Come to Jovoy Mayfair to find out how to turn a fragrance into a powerful artefact that can transform your life.

Russian Literature Club together with a prominent theatre director Konstantin Kamensky and a scent aficionado Oli Marlow developed a RENT-AN-IMAGE concept that will allow 16 participants at our event to try and perfect their skills at rapid image change. If you can’t face a difficult task yourself, why not use Anna Karenina’s bravery to sail through? Your life is becoming a bit too boring and predictable? Transform yourself into Cleopatra for an evening and see what happens. Rapid image change isn’t something new: actors, politicians and celebrities have been using it for years. And now you can too!

The price of the ticket includes a 2-hour workshop, a glass of bubbly and a generous goody-bag.

Discount Code: VIP15 for 15% off the ticket price.

The tickets are non refundable.

NB This is not an event held by The Perfume Society, rather organised by Olga Petrouchenko. 

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