The calming scent for cat lovers (if you want to smell like a feline’s forehead…)

We could probably all do with a little extra peace this time of year, and now a Japanese perfumery is marketing its rather unique take on relaxing scents to surround yourself with at home.

There are some things that could really only be invented in Japan, and we feel sure that ‘Moho Mohu Odeko’ Kaori Fabric Water (roughly translated as ‘Fluffy Brow Scented Fabric Water‘, apparently) is one of them. The Yamamoto Perfumery – for reasons perhaps only known to themselves – have created a special room spray intended to smell exactly like burying your face in a cat’s fur. More specifically – a cat’s forehead. Online retailer Felissimo explain the fragrance is peculiarly reminiscent of ‘freshly baked bread’ and meant to be intensely comforting (unless you are allergic to cats or have both feet firmly in the Dog Lover camp, one supposes!)

42-43The head of the Yamamoto Perfumery reportedly spent many months reseraching the exact smell of cat’s foreheads by visiting some of the Cat Cafes Japan made famous, and which are now popping up worldwide as venues where cat lovers can pick up a Macchiato and a quick furry cuddle in their lunch hours. As if scenting your entire house (and possibly your clothes) to smell like a cat’s forehead wasn’t enough – and really, who could ask for more? – Felissimo also stock a cat-shaped pillow to bury your face in, though whether it’s pre-scented with cat forehead remains somewhat unclear. Maybe just stock up on the ‘fluffy brow scented’ fabric water just in case?

We’re wondering if the new year will see a flurry of furry pet-themed fragranced products, and really hoping the answer is ‘no’. But never let us judge before sniffing (however tempting that may be) – we would genuinely love to hear from anyone who tries this!

Moho Mohu Odeko Kaori Fabric Water, ¥1200 (around $10)
At Felissimo

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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