The Scented Letter ‘Fashion, Fragrance & The Feel-Good Factor’ (Print Edition)

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Traditionally, autumn is the time of year when we start to think about new clothes and new fragrances – but this edition of The Scented Letter also explores the perfume world’s new focus on wellness and sustainability, bringing us scents to make us feel good, as well as smell sublime.

Our Jasmine Award-winning magazine is your very best way to keep up to date with all that’s happening in the scented world. Described as an essential read by industry insiders and perfume-lovers alike, your glossy PRINT edition of The Scented LetterThe Perfume Society‘s acclaimed magazine – is now available. Simply scroll down for a preview of some of the articles in this 56-page issue of our multi-award-winning magazine – all you need, to keep your finger on the pulse-point of the perfume universe.

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This issue of The Scented Letter – the world’s only English-speaking magazine for perfume-lovers – helps you keep your finger on the pulse-point of all that’s happening in the fragrant world. Via our unrivalled access to the perfume world’s stars, we interview top perfumers, rising stars, share news of all talked-about new scents, and look at important trends shaping the industry: wellness, and sustainability.

Scroll down for a preview of some of the articles in this beautiful and thought-provoking 56-page PRINT issue of our magazine.

• Discover why sustainability is the buzzword in fragrance – from designer names to niche brands – in Any Colour – So Long As It’s Green

• TV presenter and actress Cat Deeley shares a lifetime of fragrant loves, in Memories, Dreams, Reflections

• The Scented Letter talks exclusively to one of the world’s greatest perfumers, Olivier Cresp, for our A Working Nose interview

• Yoga guru and beauty editor Catherine Turner invites us to tune in and chill out, in Aroma, Ritual and Peace of Mind

• In Spray Your 5 A Day, Suzy Nightingale reports on a mouthwatering new trend – for ‘vegetal ingredients’, in perfume creation

• Plus as usual, we bring you all the Latest Launches, news – and so much more

We are now able to take orders for a limited run of printed copies of the magazine, priced £12.50 to our VIP Subscribers (£15 to non-VIPs). And remember: you can now also buy an annual print subscription to The Scented Letter, here







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