The Agonist Collection


For the latest edition of our highly successful featured brand Discovery Boxes we bring you The Agonist Collection.

Having appeared in several of our own Perfume Society Discovery Boxes we are delighted to invite you now to explore the debut 10 fragrances from the Swedish fragrance house Agonist. Known for their Scandi cool and artistic glass flacons, each scent is thoughtfully created using the highest quality raw ingredients, composed with depth to evoke places of intrigue.

Just click on the pictures below to read in more depth about each fragrance featured in the beautiful box.

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  • Arctic Jade
    2ml eau de parfum
  • Black Amber
    2ml eau de parfum
  • Dark Saphir
    2ml eau de parfum
  • Isis
    2ml eau de parfum
  • Liquid Crystal
    2ml eau de parfum
  • No.10 White Oud
    2ml eau de parfum
  • Onyx Pearl
    2ml eau de parfum
  • Solaris
    2ml eau de parfum
  • The Infidels
    2ml eau de parfum
  • Vanilla Marble
    2ml eau de parfum


The Agonist Collection includes 10 x 2ml eau de parfum

Liquid Crystal – a sharp top and immersive body inspired by the process of hot melted glass

The Infidels – a heart of rose and a deep, sensual ambience inspired by the exact moment a bud is about to burst

Arctic Jade – encapsulates a fresh jewel scent inspired by frozen arctic icescapes

Vanilla Marble – creamy, addictive vanilla to awaken your deepest joyful childhood memories

Black Amber – a  journey into the deep amber-y core of the forest

Onyx Pearl – inspired by the intriguing visual imagery of Guy Bourdain

Isis – a fresh top with a beautifully deep body

Dark Saphir – blends strength with a light elegance; seductive yet subtle

Solaris – pink grapefruit, fresh citrus and woody patchouli. Inspired by the midnight sun of the North

No.10 White Oud – a visionary illusion recreated via exquisite essences