Shloksha Soapy Heart 30ml


This floral composition brings an air of elegance. Pink and bubbly warmth giving an impression of an affectionate heart waiting to explode and be explored. It begins with a warm, floral cloud consisting of Red Mandarin and grapefruit notes. The aroma then mellows to a floral bed of jasmine and ylang-ylang. It takes its inspiration form long forgotten sensual soap much loved especially by young and foxy females. The makers nostalgic sentiment has clearly been reflected in this fragrance. It captivates and envelops you with its powdery and soft sandalwood notes lingering and dancing around you. Imagine Cuddly bunnies appear among a green musky garden, air filled with hints of warm saffron and sweet tobacco resting amid a patch of musty and woody notes. Start your day journey of bliss with Soapy Heart!

Shloksha Soapy Heart 30ml eau de parfum

Top notes – red mandarin, grapefruit

Heart notes – jasmin, ylang-ylang, green grass, saffron

Base notes – sandalwood, fruity musks, oudh

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