Shloksha Florist 101 30ml


Be enchanted by Florist 101, an enrapturing scent that combines paradoxical yet complementary notes of intense leafy florals and animalic whiffs. Delight in the lush forest shop, its swaying bamboo and ripe figs, the romantic affair of a gnome and sylph; each element combines to create a truly luxurious, nature-inspired scent. To sum up no amount of visual interpretation is going to do justice until you try it for your self. Its soft aquatic and swampy vibe are mesmerizing will still your turbulent mind.

Shloksha Florist 101 30ml eau de parfum

Top notes – wet swamp, intoxicating daffodils

Heart notes – rose, figs, honey, ylang-ylang

Base notes – amber

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