The Scented Letter ‘Scent with Love’ (Print Edition)

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Described as a ‘must-read’ by industry insiders and perfume-lovers, we are delighted that in addition to our digital magazine, a beautiful print edition of The Scented Letter – The Perfume Society‘s Jasmine Award-winning magazine – now comes in print format.

This Early Spring 48-page edition is your first ‘sniff’ of everything that will be happening in fragrance in 2016, from ingredients to new launches – and much, much more…


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The ultimate way to keep your finger on the pulse-point of all that’s happening in perfumery, in this PRINT edition of our Jasmine Award-winning magazine The Scented Letter, you’ll also enjoy…

• ‘Ingredient of the Moment’: Iris Suzy Nightingale traces the journey of one of perfumery’s most unlikely ingredients and reveals that right now, perfumers are having a love affair with ‘orris’

Francis Kurkdjian: A Perfumer on FireJo Fairley meets with the world’s ‘hottest’ perfumer, celebrating 20 years as a fragrant force

#ShareMyStash Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays opens up her ‘Wall of Scent’, revealing an epic scent colleciton

•  A Whiff of Scandal – from Mata Hari to the cocottes that Coco Chanel hung out with: a history of racy scents for even racier women

Memories, Dreams, Reflections – so-fashionable florist Timothy Dunn shares the scented memory bank he’s built up on his travels

•  For The Love of Scents – meet creative couples collaborating in the fragrance world whose passion for perfume is matched only by that of each other

•  All the Latest Launches, events around the country – and so much more…

For a taster, see below…

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