Redolescent QH 50ml


QH, is a daring unisex perfume inspired by the iconic Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Step into a realm of regal rebellion as the fragrance weaves an intoxicating blend of boozy, jammy rose with tantalizing spices like cardamom and cumin. QH invites you to push boundaries and embrace opulence and boldness.

The fragrance unfolds against a backdrop of Victorian opulence, purposefully bold and echoing the Queen’s iconic command, “Off with your head!” Picture a royal hall where tension simmers beneath a regal facade, much like the Queen herself. QH captures the delicate balance, where a misstep could unleash an explosion of emotion. The cap, a rose from the royal garden, stands proudly but reflects the Queen’s temperament with subtly sharpened petals. Are you ready to join the court?

Redolescent QH 50ml eau de parfum

Top notes – rose, davana, boozy

Heart notes – cumin, cardamom, spice

Base notes – resins, incense, labdanum, fir balsam, amber

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