Redolescent Merge 50ml


Merge by Redolescent is a comforting cuddle of a fragrance; smooth woody amber, citrus, and textured beach accord. Crafted to evoke the feeling of a serene sunset while relaxing on the beach, it transports wearers to a sunset stroll along the Welsh coast during the lockdown lift of 2020. Inspired by the seamless blend of sky and sea at dusk, Merge captures a golden glow that ebbs and flows throughout the evening, offering a balanced and sophisticated aura. The fragrance transitions through temperature phases, starting warm and gradually cooling, making it perfect for leisurely nights. The perfume’s creation served as a reset during a challenging time, mirroring the creator’s escape to the coast. The cap, reminiscent of a sea-smoothed stone, encapsulates the moment with images of rocks and sea breakers. Wearing Merge is an invitation to experience and radiate the warmth of that memorable evening.

Redolescent Merge 50ml eau de parfum

Top notes – orange

Heart notes – beach accord, woods

Base notes – amber, cashmeran

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