Redolescent Hatter 50ml


Hatter Invites you to the Mad Hatter’s iconic tea party. Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this fragrance unveils a whimsical world with notes of Earl Grey tea, brown sugar, and crisp cucumber sandwiches. However, it delves deeper into the Hatter’s story, incorporating leather and suede to reflect his artisan background. The fragrance explores the speculated madness of the Hatter, adding dimension with metallic screeches and nods to the macabre. The composition, with its contrasting elements, mirrors the Hatter’s eccentricity. The fragrance’s opening, marked by metallic and cucumber notes, evolves into a softer, comforting heart—a tribute to a character that ignited a love for the Wonderland tale. The perfume is accompanied by a whimsical cap design, showcasing attention to detail and character. Step into the extraordinary narrative of “Hatter” and experience Wonderland like never before.

Redolescent Hatter 50ml eau de parfum

Top notes – metal, cucumber, bergamot

Heart notes – earl grey tea, tea

Base notes – leather, saffron, brown sugar

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