Redolescent Alice 50ml


Alice by Redolescent, weaves the enchanting tale of Alice’s journey in Wonderland. This fragrance artfully encapsulates the essence of Alice—a young girl navigating the balance between innocence and maturity. Opening with mischievous vintage aldehydes, it invites you into a magical realm where reality blurs and imagination reigns. A fantasy floral accord, inspired by the “forget-me-not” flower, symbolizing devotion, adds a whimsical touch. Supported by a chypre backbone, a nod to Alice’s indomitable spirit, the fragrance gracefully evolves into a musky dry down reminiscent of Dinah the cat.

Redolescent Alice 50ml eau de parfum

Top notes – aldehydes, floral accord

Heart notes – chypre, honeysuckle

Base notes – musk, oak moss, sandalwood

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