Perfume Society Blotters


Also known as ‘spills’, our blotters are created from a special form of absorbent paper created to ensure that when it’s sprayed or dipped, it gives as accurate as possible a sense of what that fragrance smells like. They’re no substitute for trying on skin, of course – but invaluable during a scent-shopping trip for eliminating ‘no-nos’ and helping you edit down to a selection of (no more than three) scents you might want to try on the body.

Get your handy two-pack now – and get set to go scent-shopping.

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These packs of 50 spills are created from a special blotting paper which delivers a true representation of a fragrance’s development. Don’t leave home without them!

These are sold in packs of two books, ideal for slipping in a pocket or handbag.

Our tip: when you’re spraying or dipping a fragrance, always write its name on the blunt end of the spill. Otherwise it’s almost impossible to remember what’s what, when you get home. (Even we find this challenging – and we smell perfumes for a living!)