The Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set


Inspired by distant lands, and using some of the world’s most exotic ingredients Ormonde Jayne fragrances are some of the most interesting treats for your nose that we know of. Created by the incredibly talented, London-based Linda Pilkington (whose Mayfair store is a must-visit for perfumistas), this enticing collection of 12 – yes, 12! – fragrances is the perfect introduction to the Ormonde Jayne world.

Just click on the pictures below to read in more depth about each fragrance featured in the beautiful box.

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The Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set includes 12 x 2ml eau de parfum

• Champaca – heavenly, creamy floral scent both elegant and intimate

Frangipani – a fabulous heady fusion of frangipani, jasmine and tuberose absolutes

• Isfarkand – beautifully balanced notes of lime, mandarin and bergamot

• Ormonde Man – exudes soft woody notes, including an infusion of precious oudh oil

• Ormonde Woman  mysterious woody essences, contrasted with seductive jasmine and violet absolute

• Orris Noir – spicy Oriental scent with notes of pimento, bay and patchouli

• Osmanthus  beautifully-composed bouquet of flowers, embellished with golden citrus notes

• Sampaquita – sun-kissed lychee set on a canvas of bergamot, grass oil and magnolia flowers 

• Ta’if – an intoxicating and audacious rose 

• Tolu – Laced with golden frankincense and amber with a heady mix of orange blossom and clary sage

• Zizan – boisterous Sicilian lime, lemon and bergamot