Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 30ml


It’s rare that ESCENTRIC MOLECULES release a NEW DUO! So we are delighted – as a Perfume Society first – that you can now get your hands on the two new 30ml eaux de parfum direct from us. This maverick perfume house highlights the technical artistry of synthetic aroma chemicals and they have not disappointed this time, showcasing Cashmeran in these new 05 creations.

As Geza Schoen says, ‘Cashmeran is dry, radiant, warm and woody with an unexpected touch of pine resin‘. It has been used in ESCENTRIC 05 to create an alternative Summer fragrance, developed to transport you to a Mediterranean island… umm yes please!

Read on to explore ESCENTRIC 05. And do check out MOLECULE 05, also available from us in the 30ml size, here.  (We love to layer them)…

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We’ll leave it to perfumer Geza Shoen to explain this new, long-awaited creation: ‘The top note of Escentric 05 is very simple: bergamot to keep things light, and orange, an ingredient which has an emotional tone to it, bright and happy. Laurel and rosemary are typical Mediterranean plants with a spicy freshness, while juniper brings a herbal tonality and cypress is a very dry, pungent wood. The dry-down has two classic Mediterranean ingredients, cistus labdanum and mastic. Mastic is a resin produced by a small tree that grows especially near the sea. It has the clean sharp scent of newly-cut branches. Cistus is a small plant that grows everywhere in the Med. It has a sweet, leathery, balsamic quality. And of course, there is around 15% of Cashmeran – which gives the fragrance its piney warmth, with additional subtle fig, both the bitterness of the leaves and the ripeness of the fruit.’

TOP NOTES: fig, bergamot, orange, laurel, rosemary, juniper
HEART NOTES: hedione, cypress, freesia, iris, jasmine
BASE NOTES: cashmeran, cistus, labdanum, musk, ambroxan, mastic, Iso E Super

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