Contradictions in ILK Nonchalant


Contradictions in ILK Nonchalant 50ml extrait de parfum

This perfume is inspired by a woman who carried her numerous accolades and characteristics with all the breeziness that French women are famous for. The first black film star, world renowned dancer, bi-sexual, wartime spy and American expat living in Paris – Josephine Baker is still the epitome of timeless, glamorous cool. This scent transports you to her dressing room where she’s just cooly countered her many different facets all at once. As soon as the coast is clear she indulges in a dramatic moment, just for her own pleasure, hurling her powder puff across the room. It creates a plume of scent – from the bowl of berries, untouched champagne coupe and the countless bouquets of roses around her. Even the coolest cat deserves a melodramatic moment.


Contradictions in ILK Nonchalant 50ml extrait de parfum

Top notes – orange, pepper, raspberry, pink berries

Heart notes – cinnamon, geranium, rose, cistus, violet, orange blossom, brandy

Base notes – patchouli, musk, frankincense, vanilla, benzoin

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