Adscenture Kyoto 100ml


Gion awaits you, an atmospheric and mystical place. Dusk brings a myriad of aromas; rich plum wine lingers amidst the bustle, with hints of warm and sweet nutmeg. Home to the Ochayas, delicate tea notes come from unique Davana. Hidden in the charming wooden houses, warming aromas of cedar and sandalwood. You’re on your ADSCENTURE.

Notes of golden plum wine and frankincense, before a heart of davana, ripe plum and warm spices. Layered over a bed of osmanthus, sandalwood and cedarwood.

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Adscenture Kyoto 100ml extrait de parfum

Top notes – plum wine, frankincense

Heart notes – Davana, plum, nutmeg, cinnamon

Base notes – osmanthus, sandalwood, cedarwood