4160 Tuesdays Tokyo Spring Blossom


4160 Tuesdays Tokyo Spring Blossom 50ml eau de parfum

Tokyo Spring Blossom is one of 4160Tuesdays’ earliest fragrances, first made in 2011 for a charity fundraising event in a tiny Tokyo cafe. We made it for our friend Urura, whose name means “the breeze through spring blossom”. It is one of those fragrances which  is so unusual that people have to spend a while deciding whether they adore it or are afraid of it. It is made with no musks, no Hedione and no Iso E Super, which means that it exists in a parallel reality to most modern perfumes. Instead, it is built around oppoponax, cabrueva and tolu, with soft violetty ionones, with pink peppercorn, rose, tangerine, geranium and grapfruit, with Ambrox and raspberry leafe absolute at the base. Imagine the breeze through spring blossom, but in another universe.

4160 Tuesdays Tokyo Spring Blossom 50ml eau de parfum

Top Notes – pink grapefruit, mandarin, pink pepper

Heart Notes – violet, rose, cabreuva

Base Notes – raspberry, opoponax, ambrox