4160 Tuesdays Sleep Knot


4160 Tuesdays Sleep Knot 50ml eau de parfum

Sleep Knot is a soothing come-hither scent, featuring four of eastern tradition’s aphrodisiac aromas: sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang and black pepper. Perfumer Sarah McCartney first made it for a Valentines Day event as a pillow mist, but it was far too beautiful to restrict to hotel bedding when it can be worn on your skin. Jasmine absolute is described in Indian literature as calming and seductive: ylang ylang is named “the oil of tranquillity” and black pepper is traditionally used as a stimulant. Together, you have a beautifully sensual spiced white floral.

4160 Tuesdays Sleep Knot 50ml eau de parfum

Top Notes – bergamot, black pepper

Heart Notes – jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood

Base Notes – amber, musk