4160 Tuesdays Rosa Ribes


4160 Tuesdays Rosa Ribes 50ml eau de parfum

Rosa Ribes (rhymes with Ebays) is a rose blackcurrant chypre fragrance, the result of Sarah’s continuing obsessions with Ribena and all things curranty. There are blackcurrant bushes in her tiny garden, and raspberry canes too. It’s the balance of rose and fruit with its chypre heart that makes it her absolute favourite. The chypre is made with a drop of oakmoss absolute, bergamot, opoponax and patchouli, although the perfumery masterplan is that they’re blended so that you can’t distinguish them; they just become one smooth fragrant cloud.

4160 Tuesdays Rosa Ribes 50ml eau de parfum

Top Notes – grapefruit, mandarin

Heart Notes – rose, blackcurrant

Base Notes – opoponax, patchouli, oakmoss, musk