TOP NOTES:  bergamot, jasmine, orris, rose, geranium
HEART NOTES:  sandalwood, cedarwood, musk
BASE NOTES:  ambrette, styrax resin, cistus, vanilla


Fontaine Royale (‘royal fountain’) is a floral-powdery scent dressed with bergamot oil, jasmine, orris, rose, geranium oil, sandalwood, cedarwood oil, musk, ambrette, styrax resin, cistus and vanilla CO2 absolute. ‘Already enraptured in the sparkling fringes of the waves, our destinies unite us in unforeseen encounters. The vaporous mist of the moment breaks into lascivious pulses of pleasure. A hint of elsewhere, of infatuation and possibilities, distils its drunkenness. The voyage is an offering that exudes its languor.’