TOP NOTES: green lemon leaves, lemon pulp, pink pomelo, lavender
HEART NOTES: Mediterranean herbs, ginger, pomarose, jasmine
BASE NOTES: patchouli, sandalwood, oakwood, birch, musk

This is the first male fragrance from Missoni for some decades – and oh, it was worth the wait! Head-clearing green notes of lemon leaves and pomelo dress up the classic fougère note of lavender, with jasmine-garlanded herbs in the heart whisking us to the Mediterranean – and that sense of the mist that lingers just before the golden warmth of a perfect autumnal day. Our favourite stage of the fragrance’s development is hard to choose – but few will be able to resist the almost snuggly finale.

As cosy as wearing our partner’s favourite sweater, this is infinitely ‘shareable’. (And indeed, knitwear – so linked with Missoni’s signature – features strongly as an inspiration; the dry-down – which gives us smooth sandalwood melting into the musky woodieness of the base – was composed to be ‘as enveloping as a precious Missoni cardigan.’)

All in all, beautifully woven together – though we’d expect nothing less, from these Italian design maestros.