FAMILY: Floriental
TOP NOTES: aldehyde C11, mandarin, bergamot, clove, clove
HEART NOTES: ylang ylang, tuberose, muguet, frangipani, datura, orange flower, jasmine, rose, heliotrope
BASE NOTES: musk, amber, sandalwood, moss, vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli

Strength through femininity. The inspiration for Graduate 1954 is classic femininity. This represents a woman, who as a result of her limited freedoms of the early 1950s, had to use her femininity and elegance to achieve her goals. In a modern sense, it’s about strength through femininity. Similar ingredients to those worn in the 1950’s were used to create an old fashioned ambience. Something that stands out as being from another era. It’s a fragrance that reintroduces classic perfume with a fresh perspective.