FAMILY: Fougere
TOP NOTES: bergamot, artemisia, lavender, cardamom
HEART NOTES: cinnamon, cedarwood, iris, tobacco
BASE NOTES: sandalwood, vanilla, amber, musk

With the intriguing zesty green freshness of bergamot lavished with lavandin and sprinkled with spices, Christiano Ronaldo CR7 is smoothed seamlessly to a woody base of tobacco-infused muskiness. An easy to wear, go-to scent to spritz in the manner of taking that first sip of whiskey, or sinking gladly into your favourite leather armchair in a gentleman’s club. And if you long for such pleasures, you’re in great company, as it happens…

A fragrance created to be reflective of football icon Ronaldo’s strong, vibrant character, this is one he packs in his sports bag for off-duty relaxation (with his signature style ever-present, of course). As the man himself explains: ‘Smelling good makes me feel good and I wanted to create something that’s easy enough to wear every day. Wherever I go, CR7 is always in my bag so I can freshen up on-the-go and ensure that I always feel my best.’