FAMILY: Ambrée
TOP NOTES: honey accord
BASE NOTES: guaiac wood, patchouli

This is an Ambrée fragrance like no other – imagine sunshine diffused through golden droplets of amber, a canopy of forest trees swooped on from a bird’s-eye view. There’s resinous, woody depth, of course – but it’s borne aloft by citrus rays of light piercing the temperate mistiness of a mossy, woodland idyll.

Finding one’s wings anew, giving flight to your inner strengths, creativity and confidence are the inspirational sensations evoked with Cartier’s luminous new scent – and we believe when you find the right fragrance, that’s what each whiff should do for you.

From transparent whispers of honeyed warmth to swathes of freshness, the whole composition is harmoniously balanced yet excitingly new. (NB Cartier L’Envol eau de parfum won a coveted Fragrance Foundation Award in 2017 – and this eau de toilette follow-up has been awaited with great anticipation.)