Molton Brown reinvent the Chypre with Jasmine & Sun Rose



At The Perfume Society we have our fingers on the pulse-points of fragrance news – and we can tell you, there’s something of a sophisticated scent revolution on the way, via the ‘contemporary Chypre’.

Way ahead of the trend is Molton Brown with a stunning new fragrance – Jasmine & Sun Rose – which we were lucky enough to get our noses around at a press preview, and were blown away by its shimmering, utterly wearable elegance.

Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Nile Delta, fragrance expert Virginie Daniau describes how the scent was composed to be like ‘…a beautiful painting – the ingredients have been mixed like colours. And that creativity has been carried through to the stunning imagery seen here, by British artist, Rhea Thierstein.

What is a ‘Chypre’?

Pronounced ‘sheep-rah’, this is one the most established – yet misunderstood – of the fragrance families. ‘Chypre’ takes its name from the French word for Cyprus, home to many of the ingredients found growing there which went on to be used in this style of fragrance. Associated with Aphrodite – Ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure – fearlessly bold female icons adore wearing Chypres, from Greta Garbo to Marlene Dietrich.

Traditional Chypres fuse citrus top notes with a deep, mossy base – intriguing to smell. sophisticated to wear. But we are rejoicing in Chypre making a re-emergence here in this youthful, dare- to-wear everyday interpretation – the perfect, fragrant decision for those who crave a way to express their confidence and independence through scent. Those fragrance experts at Molton Brown have woven their magic once again…

What does it smell like?

Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose is a contemporary Chypre that beguiles with a seamless swathe of ravishing materials. The top notes are poised with succulent raspberry, luminous bergamot and juicy peach atop symphonic swags of jasmine petals plucked at sunset, luscious apricot-like osmanthus blossoms and a fruity rose in the heart. Leaving a captivating trail of rich labdanum, patchouli and softly sensual musk, picture yourself sashaying without a care in the world beneath the blushing dusk of a late summer’s sky…

We don’t like to skimp on a scent we love – and believe in layering perfume wherever possible.  Happily, it’s possible to surround yourself with self-confidence in the form of Molton Brown’s Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Body Care Collection. Extravagant bubble baths and blissful showers are calling your name in the form of Exquisite Bathing Oil £40/200ml and their Bath & Shower Gel £22/300ml. And having been blessed with a summer of sunshine, golden limbs will glisten when lavishly nourished with the Body Lotion, £26/ 300ml.

Are you ‘pretty bold’?

Try the fragrance for yourself in store and online (plus, keep your eyes and noses alert for our new Perfume Society Discovery Box launching in September, in which we’re delighted to be showcasing this launch.)

We predict wearers of Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose will be confident, strong and fearlessly feminine on their own terms. And we now invite you to prove it by getting involved on social media with #OwnYourBold. Share what makes you feel strong, feminine and confident – through words, or let a picture speak a thousand words. (Just remember to hashtag…)

And a word about Molton Brown…

Tapping into the talents of the world’s finest perfumers and sourcing exotic ingredients around the world, all of Molton Brown’s fragrances are still blended in London. Thanks to their years of experience at the cutting edge (literally, with a star-filled salon the first outpost of their fragrant endeavours back in 1973) Molton Brown have become experts at turning pioneering perfume trends into fine fragrance that allows your own personality to shine through.

Molton Brown’s Jasmine & Sun Rose £45 for 50ml eau de toilette

* In partnership with Molton Brown

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