Plants you’ll want to get your hands on. (Literally.)

We figure: if you love perfume, you probably love scented plants.

We certainly do. And just yesterday, our order for a collection of fabulous scented geraniums – from a company called Otter Farm – arrived. The quality of the plants, frankly, has blown us away. No ‘plug plants’, these: robust, healthy, good-sized plants almost ready for planting out (if you live in the South of the UK, anyway).

There are four plants in each collection (priced just £10 for the lot). Here’s what you get.

  • Attar of Roses – wonderful, distinctive rose-scented leaves – the ultimate ‘rose geranium’, we’d say; this grows into quite a large plant.
  •  Orange Fizz – definitely traces of orange/sherbet lemon, when you rub the leaves between your fingers. (Great added to cocktails, we gather – and we’ll be trying that.)
  •  Pink Capitatum – ours are already showing some of the mauve-y pink flowers, and the lime-scented leaves are wonderful.
  • Lady Plymouth – rub these leaves between your fingers for a minty-rose fragrance;  its green leaves are edged in gold.
    After months (well, years) of seriously hard work on this website, we’re very much looking forward to sitting on a sun-lounger and enjoying the scent of these, in the not-too-distant future.

Scented Geranium Collection/£10 for four 12 cm pots at 

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