Our perfumed stories are now on Instagram. (Catch them quick: they're only there for 24 hours…)

Our existing followers on Instagram – all 19,093 of you and counting (as of Friday 3rd at 12.53 p.m.) – will be pleased to hear we’re now appearing on InstaStories.
So from now on, each Friday, you can catch up on a week in the life of The Perfume Society. We’ll be taking you to events and showing you all the new launches, so you can be first in the know.
They only last 24 hours once they’re up so catch them quick! (And if you miss out, make a note to tune in next Friday when we’ll be with you again.)
Find us here (the InstaStory appears when you click on the round logo for The Perfume Society.)
For those of you who are not on Instagram, it’s a great place to see gorgeous perfumed pictures, go behind the scenes and often get the inside scoop on launches. So do follow us!

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