7 Perfumed podcasts we can’t get enough of…

Fragrance is filling the air(waves) right now, with a plethora of perfumed podcasts to catch up with – some fairly recently released episodes, and some other (for us) just-discovered gems.

At The Perfume Society, we’ve long held that the topic of fragrance and our sense of smell is perhaps at the point food and wine were not so long ago: something the general public are waking up to as a valid subject to explore and discuss in depth.

We have enjoyed listening to some of these already – perfect to download and enjoy while commuting, or to to catch up with while chilling this weekend, perhaps…?

Fume Chat: The Filth Battle (2017)
Fellow ‘fumehead Katie Puckrik joins regular hosts, Thomas and Nick, to judge a battle of their perfume picks that smell nothing short of downright dirty. Our very favourite kind! You’ll come for the fragrances and stay for the banter.

The Conversation: Perfume Makers (2017)
How do you capture and bottle a scent? Two perfume makers from France and Malaysia talk to Kim Chakanetsa about how they’ve trained their noses to smell over 1,000 different raw ingredients.

Histories of the Unexpected: Perfume (2017)
Presenters Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell ‘argue’ that everything has a history (well, yes) here delving in to our favourite topic (obvss).

Making Scents: The Story of Perfume (2017)
Bridget Kendall and guests explore the modern history of perfume, including its flowering in France and the explosive chemical discoveries that helped to make fine fragrance what it is today.

The Pool: Perfume: A Century of Scents – Part one of four (2015)
Lizzie Ostrum (aka Odette Toilette) discusses her brilliant book, beginning with the story of CK One and how it came to epitomise the 1990s. Music: Incense, Erykah Badu.

Stuff You Should Know: How Perfume Works (2015)
Josh and Chuck are the affable hosts who plunge into topics they previously knew little or nothing about, sharing their research with listeners. There are hundreds of episodes covering everything from corsets to cults!

The Why Factor: Perfume (2014)
Mike Williams talks to an historian, archaeologist, ‘nose’ and a business analyst to find out what image we’re projecting while wearing perfume, and learns how to make Eau de Cologne.

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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